SAP EWM Training

SAP EWM Training and helps to manage complex logistics execution in supply chain. The system supports you with planned and efficient processing of all logistics processes in your warehouse complex.
SAP EWM Training Curriculum

Extended Warehouse Management System Environment

Understanding the evolution of EWM and its integration with SAP, in this module.

ERP and EWM Integration
Delivery Document Integration
Structural Elements and Master Data

A detailed explanation of the EWM structural elements.

EWM Structural Elements
Explain APO Core Interface
EWM Master Data
Warehouse Process Types

Learning the different process types and their configuration.

Warehouse Process Types
Goods Receipt

Learning all about Goods receipt process, in this module.

Overview of Goods Receipt Process
Groups Availability for Inventory Management
Put away Rules and Strategies
Capacity Checking
Goods Issue

Learning all about Goods Issue, in this module of training.

Goods Issue
Stock Removal Strategies
Batch Management
Storage Control

This module will teach all about the storage concepts.

Storage Control Concepts
Process-oriented Storage Control
Layout-oriented Storage Control
Warehouse Order Creation

Learn, what is warehouse order creation.

Warehouse Order Creation
Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishment

Learn how to transfer stocks and post the corresponding changes.

Stock Transfers and Posting Changes
Physical Inventory

This module explains the management of physical inventory.

The Process of Physical Inventory
Explain EWM Physical Inventory Procedures
Slotting and Rearrangement?

All about slotting, post processing framework, are explained in this module.

Slotting and Rearrangement
Post Processing Framework (PPF)
Post Processing Framework (PPF) Overview
PPF in Delivery Processing
EWM: 120

In this section, we shall discuss about yard management concepts.

Yard management
Yard Management Configuring module
Wave Management

Learn how to configure wave management in this module of training.

Wave management Configuration
Material Flow Systems (MFS) & Value Added Services (VAS)

Learn configuration and working of MFS and kitting in this module of training

MFS Configuring

De-consolidation Process

What is resource management, handling unit management and shipment in this module of training.

Deconsolidation Configuration
Cross Docking
Resource Management
Serial Numbering
Integrating with Other Modules
Handling Unit Management (HUM)
Transportation Management
EWM: 125

This module focuses over labour management and FID concepts in SAP EWM training.

Labor Management
Labour Management (LM), Engineered Labour Management (ELM)
Radio Frequency Identification System (FID).

1) Cartonization Planning .
2). Production Integration.
3) Replenishment.
4).  QM integration.
5). Cross Docking (OCD- Opportunistic Cross Docking ) .
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