SAP MDM Training

SAP MDM Training assists to manage master data from a central system architecture. MDM IS an enterprise strategy that teaches you that master data has to be treated as a corporate asset.



SAP MDM Training Curriculum

MDM Overview

History Of MDM
MDM Performance
MDM Components

Server Components
Client Components
Admin Components
MDM Console

Console Overview
Console Settings
Console Security
Repository Level
Server Level
MDM Server Management

Server Security
Working with MDM server
Working with MDM Repository
MDM Repository Management

Planning Repository
Designing Repository
Working with tables
Main Table, Flat Table
Hierarchy Table
Taxonomy Table
Special Tables
Object Tables
MDM Repository Security

Console Level Repository Security
Roles, Users
Change Tracking
Remote Systems
Repository Administration

Duplicating Repository
Backup and Restore
Compacting Repository
Working with master/slave Repository
Multilingual Support
MDM Data Manager
Data Manager Overview
MDM Modes

Record Mode
Hierarchy Mode
Taxonomy Mode
Matching Mode
Record Mode

Searching for records
Drilldown Search
Freeform Search
Names Search
Saved/Local Search
Protecting Records
Checkout/In records
MDM Expressions
Hierarchy Mode

Working with hierarchy tables
Taxonomy Mode

Working with taxonomy tables
Creating Categories
Creating Attributes and linking
Matching Mode

Match & Merge
Working with Qualifier Tables

MDM Workflow
MDM Import Manager
Import Manager Overview
Parametric Import
Join and Lookup
Pivot and Reverse pivot
Partitioning Fields
Field Mapping
Value Mapping
Value Conversion
Import Maps
MDM Syndicator

Syndicator Overview
Parametric Search
Field Transformation
Data Transformation
Record Suppression
Syndication Map
Map and Map properties
Item Mapping
Destination Items
Merge Items
Syndication Records
MDM Import Server
MDM Syndication Server
MDM Automatic process
Over View of other MDM tools: Publisher, Image Manager and Language Selector.

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