SAP UI5 Training

SAPUI5 Training make the trainees understand about SAP User Experience design, the SAPUI5 framework, and the overall SAPUI5 strategy. It helps to create apps with rich user interfaces for modern Web business applications.


SAP UI5 Training Curriculum

SAP UI5 Overview

This module gives an overview of the architecture followed with a sample project.

Control Libs SAP UI5 Architecture
Exercise – Sample Project
Application Programming in SAP UI5

Reintroduce yourself to the key elements of the programming languages and libraries on which SAP UI5 is built.

Applications of UI5
Bootstrap Core Controls
SAP UI5 Developer Studio

Take a look at sample application options and design tips to guide development with SAPUI5.

Overview about IDE Creating sample project
Exercise – Sample project
Modularization and Resource Handling for SAP UI5

The SAP UI5 framework has built-in support for modularizing comprehensive JavaScript applications. That means instead of defining and loading one large bundle of JavaScript code, an application can be splitted into smaller parts which then can be loaded at runtime at the time when they are needed..

Sap UI5 Localization & Modularization
Exercise – localization
MVC Architecture of SAP UI5

This module mainly gives an overview about MVC architecture of SAP UI5. The Model-view-controller pattern separates the modeling of the domain, the look and the actions based on device input into 3 different classes..

The Views
The Controllers
The Model
Data Binding in SAP UI5

SAP UI uses data binding to bind UI controls to a data source that holds the application data, so that the controls are updated automatically whenever application data is changed.

Model Binding with UI element
Types of Bindings in SAP UI5
Odata Styling and Theming
Adjusting Styles and Themes
Extending SAP UI5 Overview

Extended overview of SAP UI5 including Notepad controls.

Notepad controls
Overview Exercise Charting in SAP UI5

Learning the different charts used for visualisation in SAP UI5.

Different Types of charting in SAP UI5
Optimizing UI5 Applications

By the end of this module, you will be able to split app MVC pattern..

Overview Caching SAPUI5
Mobile Application development
Overview Split App control MVC pattern
Core controls and Charting Controls in SAP UI5

In this module, you will be able to apply all the concepts used in previous modules to come up with scalable design for a given project.

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