Selenium in Introduction

What is Test Automation
Benefit of Automation
Introducing Selenium
Components of selenium
Selenium’s Tool Suite
Supported Browsers and Platforms
Selenium in Architecture

Selenium RC architecture
WebDriver Architecture
Selenium in Selenium-IDE

Introduction to Selenium IDE
Installing the IDE
IDE Features
Building Test Cases
Running Test Cases
Using Base URL to Run Test Cases in Different Domains
Selenium Commands – “Selenese”
Script Syntax
Commonly Used Selenium Commands
Verifying Page Elements
Assertion or Verification?
Selenium in Selenium (Selenium RC)

How Selenium RC Works
From Selenese to a Program
Reporting Results
Server Options
Specifying the Path to a Specific Browser
Selenium RC Architecture
Handling HTTPS and Security Popups
Supporting Additional Browsers and Browser Configurations
Troubleshooting Common Problems
Selenium in Selenium 0 and WebDriver

Selenium 0 Features
The Selenium Server – When to Use It
Setting Up a Selenium-WebDriver Project
Migrating from Selenium 0
Getting Started With Selenium-WebDriver
Introducing WebDriver’s Drivers
Commands and Operation
WebDriver-Backed Selenium-RC
Locating Elements
Sequence of Evaluation and Flow Control
Store Commands and Selenium Variables
JavaScript and Selenese Parameters
Alerts, Popups, and Multiple Windows
Writing a Test Suite
Selenium in WebDriver: Advanced Usage

Explicit and Implicit Waits
Browser Startup Manipulation
Parallelizing Your Test Runs
Selenium in Selenium-Grid

Introduction to selenium grid
Installation Hub
Setup Hub and Node
Parallel execution sing grid
Remote browser test execution
Selenium in TestingNG

Annotation and types
Testing configuration
Parallel execution
Assertion and verification
Report generation
Custom reports
Selenium in Test Design Considerations

Introducing Test Design
Types of Tests
Validating Results
Data Driven Testing
Keyboard Driven Testing
Hybrid driven testing
Database Validation

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