Tableau Advanced Training course highlights the basics regarding how to use Groups and Sets to increase your work efficiency 10x times as well as everything regarding Table Calculations and how to use their power in your analysis.

Tableau has recently emerging Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool. It is very quick to deploy, easy to learn and very intuitive to use for a customer. In the same way, Advanced Analytics has emerged as a critical component of modern business intelligence in recent years. All these tools, forms an integral part of Tableau’s mission to help people see and understand their data.


This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to become a Tableau power user. The course is structured by the professionals who have solid working experience with Tableau and wants to take it to the next level. Our training sessions also include extensive hands-on activities to re-enforce the skills and knowledge attained.

Tableau Advanced Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleLOD Advanced Topics with 10 Real Time Scenarios

Customer Order Frequency
Cohort Analysis
Daily Profit KPI
Percent Of Total
New Customer Acquisition
Comparative Sales Analysis
Average Top Deals by Sales rep
Actual Vs Target
Value on the last day of period
Return by Purchase by cohort
Percent difference from average across a range
Relative period filter

curriculum_moduleAdvanced String and Number Calculations with 8 Real time scenarios

Concatenate Strings and Date
Insert line feed
Insert quotation marks inside of insights
Fill String to right
Ordinal Numbers
One letter upper case
String to date
Date String
Reverse Two words

curriculum_moduleAdvanced Parameters Concepts

Creating global parameters across multiple data sources
Creating filters with parameters
What if analysis
Dimension Breakdown analysis
Ranking Analysis
Highlighting KPIs Using parameters

curriculum_moduleGeo Mapping Codes

Custom Geo codes for specific country/state/city
Other Calculations

curriculum_moduleOther advanced topics

Sets with 7 real time scenarios
Groups with 4 real time scenarios
Joins and data blending with 3 real time scenarios

curriculum_moduleTableau Server Side

Server Installation
Architecture (Distributed Environment)
User Management
Project Management
Sites, groups, workbooks, sheet management
Server Maintenance
Publishing and Schedules of extractions

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