Tableau Server Training makes you an expert to embed live interactive dashboards and high security to your data by mastering the concepts of working with Tableau Server.

Tableau Server is an ultimate online solution for sharing, distributing, and collaborating the content created in Tableau. Tableau Server users can create workbooks and views, dashboards, and data sources in Tableau Desktop, and then publish this content to the server.

Tableau Server administrators are the persons who control access permissions to server content to help protect sensitive data.

With Tableau Server, your whole team can securely use interactive data dashboards. Tableau Server provides security at both the user and group level for projects and workbooks.

Tableau Server can be collaborated for any organization. In major, it safely distributes interactive data in website or web. Tableau Server is highly secured for visualizing data. Tableau Server is incredibly fast to deploy and easy to manage different permission levels for different roles and individuals. Tableau Server allows safe and secure connection to virtually any data source.


Our goal is to educate and empower you with Tableau. This course provides in-depth coverage on the concepts of Tableau Server. The knowledge and skills are best geared towards administering the Tableau Server installation, including managing content, users, and permissions.

Below is the learning path for all those people who are new to Tableau. This path will help you to learn Tableau in a structured approach. Beginners are recommended to follow this path rigorously.


Tableau Server Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleTableau Introduction and Tableau Desktop

This Module introduces to Tableau in general and Tableau Desktop specifically. For complete understanding of visualizations, have a look at Tableau Desktop and its advanced features then go for Tableau training and Learnchase Tableau Advanced Training.

curriculum_moduleTableau Introduction to Server, Installation and Configuration of Server

Introduction to Tableau Server,

Installation process and configuration of Tableau Server

curriculum_moduleServer Web Interface, Sites, Projects, Users

Familiarizes users to the Server web interface,

Creation of Sites, Projects and Users.

curriculum_moduleProjects, Sites, Site Users, Publishing Workbook

Creation of Projects, Sites, Users,

Site Users and publishing workbook under projects and the maintenance activities around these.

curriculum_moduleReconfiguring the Server, Server Processes

Illustrates how to reconfigure the Tableau server and provides an introduction to the various Tableau Server Processes.

curriculum_moduleInteractive Dashboard on Tableau Server

Creating an interactive dashboard

Publishing it on to the server and interacting with the dashboard on the server.

curriculum_moduleNavigating between dashboards in Server, Features of the Server Web Interface

Navigating between dashboards on the servers and the features of the Server Web Interface

curriculum_modulePermission to user groups, permissions on workbook and projects

Creation of user groups and permissions.

Shows how the permissions are applied on workbooks and projects.

curriculum_moduleCustomized Views

Explains about the ‘Remember my changes’ options on Tableau Server that helps in creating customized views.

curriculum_moduleData Sources, Publishing Data Sources, Permission on Data Sources, Data Server

Introduction to Data Sources

Data Server and Explanation of how to publish data sources,

Apply permissions on Data Sources

curriculum_moduleAdmin Views, Creating custom Admin Views

Analyzing Standard Admin views provided by Tableau server and how to create custom admin Views

curriculum_moduleSchedules & Extracts, Refresh Extracts from Desktop

Explain about creation of schedules

Attaching extracts to the schedules

Refreshing extracts from Tableau Desktop

curriculum_moduleRefresh Extracts from Tableau Server

Illustrates how to refresh Tableau Data Extracts from the Tableau Server.

curriculum_moduleSchedule Alerts, Server Maintenance & Data Connections

Handling the alerts generated by Schedule due to any issue.

Explains about Server maintenance and Data Connections

curriculum_moduleCustomizing the Server

Customizing the server – changing the Name and Logo on the server to include the company name and logo.

curriculum_moduleTableau TCP-IP

This explains the different ports used by Tableau Server and ways to change the default ports

curriculum_moduleTableau Security – Authentication, Authorization

Explains about the Security components on Tableau Server.

Explains Authentication and Authorization security components

curriculum_moduleTableau Security – Network Security, Data Security, User Filters, Proxy, Run as User, SQL Server Impersonate

Explains about the Network Security and Data Security components.

Also explains how to create user filters as a part of Data Security.

Familiarizes users with setting up proxy server,

Run as User and SQL Server Impersonate concepts

curriculum_moduleEmbed Views, List of Parameters, JavaScript API

This Module explains about embedding Tableau views into a website, using embed parameter and introduction to JavaScript APIs

curriculum_moduleServer Performance

This explains about Tableau Server Performance management,

Performance recorder and analyzing the performance.

curriculum_moduleServer Scalability

Illustrates how to Scale up/ Scale out Tableau Server to meet the requirements of the company.

curriculum_moduleConfigure for Failover, High Availability

Explains how to configure Tableau Server for Failover and high availability

curriculum_moduletabcmd Utility

Introduction to the tabcmd command line utility and explains it’s usage.

curriculum_moduletabadmin Utility

Introduction to the tabcmd command line utility and explains it’s usage.

curriculum_moduleTroubleshooting – License, VizQL, Data Source

Troubleshooting various issues with License, VizQL and Data Sources

curriculum_moduleTroubleshooting – Logs and Database Maintenance, Summary

Troubleshooting various issues using Logs. Carrying out the Database maintenance.

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