Tibco CIM Training manages processes for management and governance of master data. It manages event processing in some of the applications. CIM ensures that your master data is consistent, complete, and accurate.

The TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager provides functionality to manage processes for management and governance of master data. It provides a consistent definition and structure of data, using object oriented techniques. TIBCO CIM MDM is master data management for aligning enterprise data across multiple business unit and synchronizing the information with downstream IT transactional systems. Tibco CIM training will enable applications from different developers on different platforms to describe management data in a standard format so that it can be shared among a variety of management applications.


The course starts with the introduction to concepts and terminology of master data management and its best practices and other concepts of the course include installation and configuration of CIM and its components, data source management, etc. Our trainers are well experienced and highly talented so that trainee gain expertise in each phase of the eLearning modules.

Tibco CIM Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleMaster Data Management

Concepts and terminology of MDM
Elements and activities of building an MDM business case study
Best (and worst) practices for MDM
Important role of related disciplines such as data governance and data quality

curriculum_moduleTibco CIM

Install/Configure TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager
Describe system requirements for TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager installation
Explain the application server options that must be set when installing TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager
Describe the functions and configuration options when installing TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager in a clustered environment
Describe the purpose function and features of the TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager Configurator and associated property files

curriculum_moduleAdministrative Tasks

Explain how to create and maintain User accounts
Describe the options available when configuring backend systems and data pools
Given a scenario, select the appropriate levels and method of authorization in TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager
Describe the types and functions of log files
Identify elements of TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager that need to be under version control

curriculum_moduleData Repository

Explain how data is maintained using rulebases
Describe how data can be organized in TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager

curriculum_moduleMeta Data

Explain when and how to import/export metadata

curriculum_moduleData Source

Describe the various methods that flat file data can be brought into TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager


Explain the ways and methods of master data that is imported to repositories


Describe the process and purpose of data Export/Synchronization


Describe how rules are built and used within TIBCO Collaborative Information Manage


Explain how to search multiple types of data

curriculum_moduleProcess Work Items

Explain the operations that can be performed on work items

curriculum_moduleWorkflow Management

Given a scenario, select the appropriate workflow structure.

curriculum_moduleDefine Business Process Rules

Describe how to configure business process rules

curriculum_moduleRecord Conflict Management

Given a scenario, select how a record conflict is handled
Integration, Internal Systems (Enterprise)
Given a scenario, select the appropriate method and configuration settings when integrating TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager with other internal systems, External Systems.
Given a scenario, identify the proper steps taken when integrating an external entity Web Services
Describe the purpose and functions of Web Service integration with TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager training

curriculum_moduleTibco CIM Studio

Studio Repository Designer training
Studio Rulebase Designer
Studio Process Designer
Administrator Integration with Studio
Practical Implementation of one or two business cases of MDM using Studio and administrator

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