VB.Net  Concepts :

Course Duration :35 Hours

Overview of Microsoft .NET

✔Drawbacks of the existing system

✔Why .NET came into picture

✔.Net Framework Architecture

✔Components in .Net Framework

✔Basic Functionality of CLR

✔MSIL, CLS, CTS in brief

✔.Net Languages

✔Versions of .Net Framework

2.Basic Introduction of Visual Basic .NET and OOPS


✔Conditional Statements and Loops in VB.NET


✔Data Types in VB.NET

✔Boxing and UnBoxing

✔Sub Programs

✔OOPS Concepts

3. More on VB.NET Language Constructs Class

✔Member Functions and Data Members

✔Access Specifiers


✔Method Overloading


✔Shared Modifier

4. Working with Classes

5. Inheritance in VB.NET

✔Types of Inheritance


✔Abstract Classes

✔Overloading and Overriding


✔Sealed Classes

6. Exception Handling

✔What is Exception?

✔Using Try, Catch and finally in our programs

✔Defining our own exceptions

✔Debugging the Application

7. Data Access with ADO .NET

✔Introduction to Data Access Libraries

✔ADO .NET managed data providers

✔using System.Data.Oledb namespace

✔Connected Architecture using DataReader

✔Disconnected Architecture using DataAdapter and Dataset

✔Invoking the Stored Procedures

8. Windows Programming

✔Using Various GUI Controls

9. Multithreading
10. Delegates and Events
11. Distributed Application Development

✔Remoting Architecture

✔Hands-on Remoting

12. Managed Code and Unmanaged code

✔Using Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW)

✔Using COM Callable Wrapper (CCW)

13. Miscellaneous.

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