WSO2 ESB Training course makes a point on the fundamentals of the products that you will work with on WSO2’s Enterprise Middleware stack. Our curriculum help enterprises gain greater insights into system performance and business applications.

The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a fast, lightweight, 100% open source, and user-friendly ESB distributed under the Apache Software License v2.0. WSO2 ESB allows system administrators and developers to conveniently configure message routing, mediation, transformation, logging, task scheduling, failover routing, load balancing, and more. It also supports transport switching, Eventing, rule-based mediation, and priority-based mediation for advanced integration requirements. The ESB runtime is designed to be completely asynchronous, non-blocking, and streaming based on the Apache Synapse mediation engine.


The Training course is rendered by the best subject matter experts with latest industry updates. Our training program allows system administrators and SOA architects to master their skills in WSO2 ESB technology. The curriculum includes working with APIs and tasks, integrating and extending ESB functionality, performing basic admin tasks and much more.

WSO2 ESB Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleWSO2 ESB for Developers – Fundamentals

WSO2 Platform Overview

Carbon Platform

Introduction to ESB

Introduction to WSO2 ESB

Introduction to WSO2 ESB Functionality

Introduction to Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs)

Working with APIs

Working with Tasks

Using Connectors

QoS with WSO2 ESB

Application Deployment

Testing and Troubleshooting

curriculum_moduleWSO2 ESB for Developers – Advanced

Configure Transports (JMS, VFS / Files, TCP)

Integrate ESB with other WSO2 products to achieve a complete solution

Extend WSO2 ESB’s functionality, like writing tasks or creating custom mediators or custom connectors

curriculum_moduleWSO2 ESB for Administrators

Perform basic admin tasks for User Management, Registry Mounting and System Monitoring

Identify and implement appropriate deployment strategies (i.e. High Availability, Scalability, Multi-tenancy)

Performance-tune your system

Connect to DBs and LDAPs

Manage Version Upgrades and Application Lifecycle

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