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    Mo Lin loves you for seven years.

    “Zhen Tang” Zhen Tang Close to the harbor close to the hard but gentle chest Don’t cry Wanning Xiang Zhentang’s voice was also hoarse and his tone was strange as if he were sobbing Zhen Tang “Gu Wanning sat up and gazed into his eyes” I want to ask you a question ” “You ask” “Do you blame me for…[Read more]

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    The temptation of the wolf

    Baoqing and I sat side by side eating sandwiches with the same happy and sweet expression on our faces At this moment a familiar hand suddenly put on my shoulder -_-It’s Zhu Ren She’s looking at me with sharp and cold eyes Jung Chae-ma! -0-Why don’t you eat with us! “T0t Baoqing sent me a sandwich…[Read more]

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    Ye Qinghong listened to this and knew that the hands and feet inside were made by Chu Qingkong, who could make such a way of selling salt that even the Ye family could not find, thinking that this Chu was not an ordinary person. Thinking of this, Ye Qinghong was more than half relieved. In her opinion, Chu Qingkong was still…[Read more]

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    “Space is who called you to deal with us, what is the reason, give me slowly say, otherwise.” Little ball, let him see the Xuanhuo of Brahma. Jiang Hong said coldly, and his tone was full of murderous intent. The God heard a move in his heart, suddenly a strong sense of crisis appeared in his heart, the side has been…[Read more]

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    When I saw this, I raised my eyebrows and blurted out in a low voice, “Is his hand so heavy?” Then the picture turns, after a snowflake, it becomes a ring again, but the people in the ring have changed. The sand tiger is still a sand tiger, but it looks much more mature than the previous match. Obviously, these two paragraphs…[Read more]

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    Peng Yu knew that because of Qiu Chenxi, he was angry. But this time, Peng Yu did not refuse. He also felt that it was time for him to find someone to get married and settle down: “Cheng, you and my mother help me to have a look, almost, get married directly.” Everything is better than Qiaonan is not easy to find, but a…[Read more]

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    Although the liquid is strong.. But He has a fatal flaw, afraid of fire! And that soul flame, in essence, is also a flame! Ye Chen must have enough confidence! Have the power to crush the old demon of the Black Mountain! System “Not enough!” “ In the past few days, I have traveled through the Three Kingdoms, through B…[Read more]

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    “It’s not long. Run!” Zhou Yuning did not expect her to say that 3000 meters is not long, so let her run a try, begging people to say that people are valuable, feeling that in her eyes everything is nothing, as if everything is very simple. I’m sorry, I said the wrong thing. This project is very difficult, you are…[Read more]

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    When Chinese intellectuals name their children, they most like to pick up sentences from ancient Chinese classics. The name “Gu Qing Cheng” should mean “Gu Qing Ren Cheng, then Gu Qing Ren Guo”. Then, Gu Zhijin should be renamed “Gu Qingguo” to rhyme, two brothers and sisters “Qingguo Qingcheng”, together in Jianghu.…[Read more]

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    But Zhang Xiang was too proud, so he overlooked something. He forgot that his opponent was Jiang Ziya, who was famous for his wisdom. The general, who was famous for his wisdom, always played tricks at any time and anywhere, and could never fight with the other side. There is one is the west qi army master Ji Fa, but he is…[Read more]