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    When Chinese intellectuals name their children, they most like to pick up sentences from ancient Chinese classics. The name “Gu Qing Cheng” should mean “Gu Qing Ren Cheng, then Gu Qing Ren Guo”. Then, Gu Zhijin should be renamed “Gu Qingguo” to rhyme, two brothers and sisters “Qingguo Qingcheng”, together in Jianghu. It was a sunny afternoon, and after a night of fierce fighting, I felt that every grain of rice I swallowed was sweet and intoxicating. When facing Guan Baoling alone, the emotional hope and anxiety about the curse of the tusk demon kept hovering in my mind, so my eyes could not help falling on her face. Feng, how much do you know about Guqin? Guan Baoling put down the small Japanese lacquer bowl, and the first thing she did after eating was to turn her head and look at the guqin on the bed. On the purple and black piano board, there seemed to be a dark red light drifting, and after looking at it for a long time, I felt a little ghostly and frightened. I shook my head modestly, looking forward to Guan Baoling’s following. She picked up the piece of paper on the table, pointed to the three words “Gu Qingcheng” I wrote, and went on with certainty: “We may not understand, but she will understand, because she is one of the founders of the Global Ancient Cultural Heritage Research Association, specializing in Oriental musical instruments, with five postdoctoral titles, all related to ancient musical instruments and ancient music.” I did a quick search in my mind for a few seconds,plastic pallet bins, and found that there are no more than 100 outstanding women in the Chinese world, ranging from Ms. Jin, who has eaten both East and West cultures in the past 20 years, to Miss Ma, who has swept the film, television and song industries from the modeling industry in recent years, including several Hong Kong and Taiwan women writers who are famous for their writing all over the world. I know something about them, but I can’t connect any of them with “Gu Qingcheng”. Uh? Is it the shadow editor-in-chief of Chao Ge magazine under the alias of Jiangnan Mingzhu Xia? My mind was suddenly enlightened and I thought of a famous figure who has been popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia in the past two years. However,plastic bulk containers, that person has been heard of its name but not its person, is said to be a peerless beauty. Guan Baoling smiled and replied in classical Chinese: “Of course.” WWW.xiAosHuoTXT.com Verse 22: Gu Brothers and Sisters (3) Txt = Small _ Say [_ Days. Don I couldn’t help clapping my hands on the table and sighing: “Gu Zhijin, a merchant in the downtown area, has a sister like a fairy?”? The world is so unfair. Excited, I made one of the biggest mistakes, that is, I should not praise a beautiful woman loudly in front of another beautiful woman. Of course, Guan Baoling’s position in my heart is extremely lofty, and it is impossible to be outdone by others. I just think that even if Gu Zhijin has a sister, she is just a businesswoman who gets into the eyes of money. As one of the leading elegant art magazines, Chao Ge has readers all over the world, especially the 10,000-word column “Six Dynasties Ancient Capital Tour” in each issue, written by the shadow editor-in-chief of “Jiangnan Mingzhu Xia”. The style is extremely elegant, and the words are as gorgeous as carved jade, and as fresh as Jiangnan apricot branches and new buds, collapsible pallet box ,secondary containment pallet, which are highly praised by readers. A talented woman with a sense of mystery always causes the paparazzi to follow her crazily. Finally, at the Christmas charity reception on Hong Kong Island the year before last, she was photographed in profile by a conscientious tabloid reporter, which caused an uproar on Hong Kong Island. Because it is really a perfect girl carved like a good jade, graceful and graceful, peerless. Once again, I was distracted, and deep in my mind, it was really hard to connect Gu Zhijin with the appearance of “Jiangnan Mingzhu Xia”. Feng, she used to be my short-term talent consultant, so I know this better than others, but we have a gentleman’s agreement in advance, except for the short weeks of cooperation, no matter where we meet in the future, we just don’t know each other. Speaking of Guqin, her profound knowledge may be superior to that of her brother, and her playing skills are even more superb. Guan Baoling seldom praises others, but this time, I can see that all her words are from her heart. Well, I hope Miss Gu won’t let us down at the same time. I’m not interested in her appearance. I just want to get more information about Guqin. With four hours to go before dusk, I knew what to do and immediately took out the phone and called Xiao Keleng. Shao brothers refining ceremony, I’m afraid Zhang Baisen needs to be present, after all, they came together, he must have an account of the outcome of the Shao brothers. After the phone was connected, I walked slowly to the yard, because Guan Baoling was tuning the piano again, and I didn’t want to disturb her with other trifles. Xiao Ke’s voice is very flat, I’m afraid I don’t know the great change in the temple last night: “Mr. Wind, what do you want?” In the microphone, there was a constant tinkling sound, probably because the defense work of the villa was still in progress. I described last night in the most concise terms. Obviously, when she heard the appearance of “Wind Forest Volcano”, she was greatly shocked. She gasped and asked hurriedly: “Really? Is it really him? Of all the unexpected events, she did not care about Fujika’s death or Tanino’s escape, nor did she care about the hundreds of ninjas killed or the safe on fire-she only cared about the “Wind Forest Volcano”. “On the face of it, at least, that’s him,” I replied cautiously. Xiao Keleng’s tone slowed down, apparently telling me while thinking: “Mr. Wind, a year ago, Mr. Scalpel had done a special study on the’Wind Forest Volcano ‘, researched no less than 100 biographies related to him, and also consulted a lot of top-secret materials from the National Archives of Japan, and made at least 200,000 words of notes before and after.” It takes a lot of energy and time before and after. These materials are placed in the study on the second floor. I said “hmm” to show that I knew. As the pride of the Japanese people, Fenglin Volcano’s story has long been adapted into movies, TV dramas, animated feature films, and dozens of fantasy novels based on him. His name is a household name, and like sushi and cherry blossoms in Japan,plastic pallet price, it has become a familiar word for every Japanese. When I was in the villa study, I looked through the notes of the scalpel, but I didn’t pay attention to it. binpallet.com