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    Time Delay Tap

    The door was kicked open with great force, and a tall man was pushed in. He did not pull his long hair up high like a man in the Tang Dynasty, and then put on a crown. Instead, he had long hair, a row of neat and personalized bangs on his forehead, and his hair on his face was cut very layered. The butterfly’s breath suddenly became very rapid, and her heart seemed to be bumping into thousands of paths. Staring at them nervously, he saw another man of similar stature sitting beside the butterfly, touching him, smiling shyly, and slipping away like the wind on the soles of his feet. “What the hell?”? Who is he? Didn’t you say that the third prince was very ugly? Short again? This man is so much taller than me. Why are you sitting next to me? He, he, he, he is not my husband, is he? You are so handsome! ^ _ ^ “Butterfly looked at the handsome man beside her through Zhu Lian, his face became hot for no reason, and two red clouds jumped up his face and joined in the fun.” Why is this man like wood? If he is my husband, shouldn’t he come to uncover my bead chain? Such a handsome husband is also good, oh, roar. Just when the butterfly was secretly guessing. The man suddenly jumped out of his mouth with a few cold words, which frightened the butterfly who was immersed in his imagination. “I won’t marry you.” Butterfly, who was still in shock, heard this sentence as soon as she came, so she was sure that he was her husband. She was so angry that she suddenly became angry. She thought bitterly, “What? I am a princess of the Tang Dynasty. I have already married in the bridal chamber. Although I didn’t want to marry her, I said I wouldn’t marry her.” The fire suddenly rushed to the forehead,Stainless Steel Toilet China, suddenly lifted the phoenix crown on the head, almond eyes wide open, surprised to ask. “You are the third prince?” “Yes, I am.” His face was expressionless, and there was disgust in his cold eyes. “I don’t want to marry you yet,” Butterfly shouted, lifting the bead chain in front of her forehead, with one hand akimbo and the other pointing at the nose of the flame. You.. Why is it so ugly? Flame heard this, can not help but some surprise, so look up,Time Delay Tap, then immediately closed his eyes do not want to look again, the heart is thousands of regrets, thousands of hate, early know why today at the beginning of wow, escape marriage is not good. I’m ugly! It’s none of your business. If you’re in charge, I’ll be ugly. What’s wrong? Don’t you allow people to be ugly in Khitan? From now on, you walk on your single-plank bridge, and I walk on my sunny road. We have nothing to do with each other. If you don’t marry me, do you think this princess is willing to marry you? She came all the way here, walked for twenty days, left her parents, her hometown, and the mountains and rivers of her family, and came to this ghost place. Do you think you are so beautiful, dishevelled and ugly? Then the butterfly was really sad, leaving the palace for more than 20 days, the beginning of the excitement, slowly turned into a yearning for his father and grandfather, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, can not help but burst into tears, miserable, in this luxurious and empty new house, I saw the butterfly lying on the bed, sobbing fiercely. Chapter 16: Crying to reveal one’s true face and falling in love at first sight “I want to go back, come on, let’s pack up and go back..” Suddenly the butterfly sat up from the bed and walked outside the door. The group of people who had been guarding outside the door were worried about what would happen to the two new people who had never met before. This was not a good guess. “Princess, what’s the matter, Princess?” Fu Mody hugged the butterfly with heartache, but his eyes looked in the direction of the bridegroom. “Oh, how handsome young man ah, it seems that the master’s vision is correct, to promote this marriage is really wise.” Fu Mody was thinking to himself, but the charming child in his arms ran out of the door with a crying voice. “Hey..” Princess, where are you going? Come back “Fu Mo Mo hurried to chase out, if let the guest outside see, can laugh big talk.” Emerald looked reproachfully at the handsome but chilly man. “Wang Ye, how can you do this to our princess?”? You Aren’t you going to go after him? “Humph..” Why let Ben Wang go after her, an ugly monster? Ben Wang wants a lot of women, why should he go after her, an ugly monster? “When he said the last few words, he especially emphasized his pronunciation, although there was no woman around him, but he still blurted out, and his face was not red and his heart was not beating.” As soon as the emerald heard this, the emotion of protecting the Lord immediately came into being and shouted at him loudly: “Wang Ye, don’t go too far. Wang Ye is great. Our young lady is still a princess, the emperor’s favorite princess. If one day you see the true face of the princess, don’t regret what you said today!” Said hurriedly ran out, looking for their lovely butterfly princess. “What do you mean?”? Zhenrong? Could it be..? Ouyang Lieyan, who had been relieved of his dumb acupoint but had not yet been relieved, raised his long and thick eyebrows and looked puzzled. When the big prince, who was hiding not far away, saw this, he shook his head and sighed! What a pity! People say that the wedding candle, a moment of spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold, but they are separated, simply do not like each other, the little four princes curiosity, followed by the sad crying butterfly son behind, want to see if this Wang sister-in-law is ugly in the eyes of his brother. The other two men, pushing and shoving, moved slowly and with difficulty to the bridal chamber. One by one, they clenched their lips and did not burst out laughing. The two princes’ handsome faces were almost red. When they saw their younger brother sitting upright on the bed, his face was so angry that he could not express his anger. “Pow” “Ha ha ha” “Ha ha ha” could not help it any longer, and both of them bent down at the same time, laughing regardless of their image. “Is that enough?” The three princes uttered these words through clenched teeth, and the anger in his eyes almost drowned the whole room. “Ha ha ha..” The two brothers, who were almost out of breath with laughter, pointed to the flames and said, “They are in a hurry to get married. It’s good for you to drive the bride out and run away crying. If they go back to the Tang Dynasty and tell the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, you will be miserable, Wang Di.” “Shut up, shut up your foul mouth, if not for you, I would have left, and such an ugly marriage, you try.” The three princes,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, who began to be duplicitous again, still calmly fought. He did not care whether his bride was beautiful or ugly, but he did care that his brother’s sarcastic appearance was shameful. cnkexin.com