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    “I don’t know who you are, but I have to go up to the city. If you stop me, don’t blame me for being rude.” He was anxious to have her in his arms, staring at the fact that there were not many of her in the line, thinking that it was not impossible for her to break through, in short, he did not want to delay, and it was not impossible for her to fight. What’s the matter? Do you want to break in. Although I don’t have many people with her, all of them are her elites. I advise you to follow me back to find out your identity. “I said I didn’t have time.” “……” At the end of his patience, the little Marquis was also a red-blooded man. He held her in his arms, but she took a step back and shook her head slightly. The bodyguards who accompanied her understood it and raised their swords to rush up to fight. The leader saw that it was unavoidable for her to fight with swords. She was warlike, but she seemed a little excited. She waved her hand and greeted her. Needless to say, there was a fierce beating and killing on the cliff. Well- “” She was the only one in her arms who did not know all this at the moment. She only knew that she was very cold now. She drilled into her warm body and held his sleeve tightly. I’ll take you in before dark. He gave her her promise, and when he had finished, he did not forget to hold her more tightly in his arms. He face in front of her fight,plastic pallet box, holding that green fruit just stand there, indifferent to her face this kind of people and people she desperately, so her scene is better than those in the dark of the government and the public she fight a thousand times, but he seems to forget, forget that he is standing in a very dangerous place for her, forget that behind her is a cliff without a way out,plastic wheelie bins, the wind will fall some stones to her place. Crazy Baby Nurturing Plan (Part Two) God, this day, she and I are just as that day said, she, he and his men are all superior to her military commanders, so this station is difficult for both sides. Ren Xuan is young and vigorous, looking at her scene like this, some blood is boiling. It’s a pity that he still holds a day in his arms. Otherwise, he would have gone to battle in person. “As soon as you go down the hill, Marquis, you go first.” Her bodyguard apparently felt that dragging on like this was not the way to ask Ren Xuan to go first in the fight. It is reasonable to say that walking like this is really a bit disgraceful, collapsible bulk container ,heavy duty plastic pallet, but the day in her arms is now burning like a fire, and in a hurry, she only gritted her teeth and left the dry day. I didn’t want Ren Xuan to take a step and hear a laugh coming from the front. She has some ability under her. It’s a pity that you, the leader, are just a straw bag. You hold a woman in your arms and don’t move. Finally, you have to run away. Hum, thanks to what you just said, she has such momentum. When Ren Xuan heard this, he suddenly looked up and saw that she was naturally the leader of the team. As soon as she saw him smiling and contemptuous, she said something like that because she just didn’t give him this strange day to leave her face. What did you say “Didn’t you hear me clearly? I said that she didn’t deserve to be a man like you. If she did, she would only lose her share to a man.” The chief held up her whip in his hand and kept pointing at Ren Xuan with a sneer. The clear man in front of her was angry for a moment. What’s the matter The chief raised his eyebrows and continued to provoke him. Ren Xuan obviously could no longer bear to look at her in her arms, and raised her eyes to ignite her intention to kill. Look at her. He explained to the attendant beside her and then put her down. He put his hand on the woman and frowned slightly on her forehead. “When the chief saw that he intended to fight, Yilang laughed and laughed, and her whip in his hand was also replaced by a long knife with a ring, which made a sound with a light wave.” “Don’t be so slow as to have a good fight.” Ren Xuan used her sword to pull out her long bronze sword from her waist and waved her hand like a white rainbow. She was dressed in a lake-colored robe with him. When she was fighting with the leader, she saw that he looked no more rude than the other side. She could use her strength but was no weaker than the other side. The leader was also surprised at the moment. He could not have such a graceful playboy and her ability. In high spirits-naturally, no one dares to show weakness-they all use a lot of strength-if I don’t want to, then the battle of life and death is wonderful. The head here in the mind also thought that did not want to be Ren Xuan to see the flaw, the foot was kicked to the chest, the stuffy hum fell back a few steps. Follow her a dry day to see her leader suffered a loss, like a mad dog, all Piao came up, Ren Xuan with a number of enemies naturally can’t stand a high drink, the bodyguards all came up one after another, which of course also included the bodyguard who protected Qingguo. Qingguo was made a little conscious by the noise and her fighting. She tried to open her eyes and felt that her body was uncomfortable to the extreme. She did not know why she was lying in such a place. She felt cold. The wind was not flat under her body. The stones hit her. She was very uncomfortable. After a long time, she slowly turned sideways and saw a piece of dust. Several shadows flashed in the sky. Ren.. Ren Xuan didn’t know where she was. She tried to see her situation in front of her, but she didn’t want her. Her little movement caused a long knife in her hand. She noticed that she looked fierce that day. When she saw Qingguo, she took a few steps to come over. Her knife buzzed in her hand. At this moment, her green fruit slowly became aware of the danger. What are you doing? “Green Fruit!” Just when she instinctively moved her body, she heard a day in the distance calling her name. Her voice was Ren Xuanyi, but she didn’t have time to pay attention to it. She just looked at the knife coming and she was at a loss. Ding- The knife was raised to her, and it was Shen Qingguo, who was still dizzy, who was still standing in front of her one day. She swallowed saliva, and her throat was dry and painful. What are you waiting for! Move out of my way Ren Xuan held up her sword in her hand and cut it down with all her strength. After half of the sound, she saw that she was still sitting on the ground. She was still motionless and her eyes were red and she shouted. “Qingguo is excited and dizzy. Her situation is still more or less clear in front of her. That is,plastic trash bins, if she doesn’t run away now, she will become a ghost under the knife.” Oh It was very difficult for her to hold up her hands. She stood up straight. She was dazed in the strong wind. She could not step steadily. She shook her head. When she thought she was awake, she didn’t want to take a step. When she felt something floating in front of her. It hit her chest. There was no way to stand steadily. She leaned back and fell out of thin air. cnplasticpallet.com