Press the remote control, The screen changes again, Appeared is Li Feng from the baby resume, The more see ZhouZhi feel more surprised, Results have been very bad, Also nothing outstanding. More noteworthy is, In junior high school time began to exercise, Determined to be a mobile suit, But the collection of information is very official, And mainly concentrated in the school, And Li Feng in hospital for two days no one care about, As no injuries were detected, the small local hospital was not included in the file, and the military missed its last chance. There is a best friend called Maka, and this Maka Federation also has files, the family is still a little strength, such an ordinary person, is how to practice such a skill? Zhou Zhi is more and more curious, just as the transaction has entered the final stage, her work is not much, it is better to have a good understanding of this strange young man. See Li Feng recite the book and then eat into the stomach of the silly, Zhou Zhi really can not help laughing, this is what kind of person? “Ah, ah, ah.” Damn it, I forgot all the things I just recited. Bad, the book was eaten into the stomach, how to do! Poor Li Feng began to stare at the moon in a daze, the days of preparing for the exam are really sad. Chapter 27 First Contact of the Main Text Once into the state of learning, time is also very quickly,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, Li Feng and Maka is also a little famous school hoodlum faction, a class distraction, a only know how to pick up girls, and now even walking are reading, for this huge change, the teachers are very happy, is considered to be a great success of quality education, the return of the prodigal son. Li Feng and Maka, who are regarded as typical examples, are not as optimistic as their teachers. The more desperate they are,outdoor ficus tree, the more problems they find. However, at this time, they can only memorize by rote. Fortunately, there are many professional focuses and scopes on the Internet. After all, human beings are the best at summarizing, and the way of examination has evolved for hundreds of years. Maka, are you holding up? With a sallow face, Maka gritted his teeth and nodded. Fiber was not so easy to digest. Maka’s stomach was obviously not as tough as Li Feng’s. He had diarrhea for three days in a row. When he saw the book, his eyes were dull. But this guy really threw caution to the wind and still insisted. Maka is also the kind of person who is bold enough to do whatever he decides to do, and if he is given a free space to play, it will certainly be quite good, but it is difficult to show it in school, especially in high school. Will it continue after class today? Said this, Maka’s little face immediately lascivious, radiant, there is a feeling of seeing the fairy, “ha ha, not today, there is a big event, oh also!” Seeing this reaction, Li Feng used his buttocks to think that he must have something to do with women, artificial coconut palm trees ,faux ficus tree, frowning, “You don’t want to pick up girls again, do you? Once you start, all your strength will be released!” “Go, go, go, who are you talking about? It’s definitely not me who is pure and kind. After class today, there will be a visiting professor from Yalang Military Academy to give a lecture. Our goal is Yalang. Of course, we can’t let it go!” Maka said very seriously, a serious expression, the wind blowing, hair gently tossed, quite a bit of bone fairy wind, but the glittering eyes or betrayed him. The professor must be a woman, and a beautiful woman! “Ha, ha ha, you see through it, but this time they are here to give us a lecture, we must support them, and we can also prepare for interviews and so on.” Maka’s proud big teeth had come out, as if he had passed the written examination and physical examination. What else could Li Feng do besides shaking his head? The boy was full of energy as soon as he heard the beauty. If the beauty professor could encourage him, maybe he could be admitted to Yalang in one breath. Professor Zhou Zhi of Yalang A-level Military Academy will give a lecture at three o’clock in the afternoon. The lecture is mainly aimed at the students who want to take the examination of Yalang Military Academy. As senior schoolmates and teachers, Zhou Zhi’s suggestions will certainly be of great help to the students. From Li Feng’s point of view, there are not many people who dare to apply for Yalang, and there should not be too many people in the lectures of famous universities these days. If it weren’t for Maka’s impatience, he would rather not go an hour earlier, which can recite a lot of things. But Li Feng decided to seize the time and take the textbook with him, but when he arrived at the venue, he found that. They’re so late! The small conference room, which can accommodate 500 people, is already overcrowded. My God, are these people here for a lecture or to see beautiful women? One side of the Makar repeatedly sighed, the seat is not to think, can only stand in the corridor, but was still pushed to the front by two people, do not know is the strength of the beauty, or Yalang’s name is too loud. The school also did not expect such a lecture would be so popular, so the speech started half an hour earlier, Zhou Zhi’s understanding immediately aroused great favor among the students, when Zhou Zhi came on stage, the venue was immediately detonated. How to look is not like a speech, but will be a star appearance, at this time of Zhou Zhi a white professional dress, skirt from the knee is one centimeter, neither conservative nor too exposed, just right to show her amazing legs, do not need stockings, natural white has the greatest shock, with a pair of lavender frame glasses. Let her be less luxurious and noble at the banquet, but more intellectual and wise, and her hair is random, showing the beauty of a mature woman! No wonder it caused such a sensation as soon as it appeared. It was rumored that the professor was the first beautiful professor of Yalang Military Academy. Now it seems that he really lived up to his reputation. Maka was already smashing his tongue and muttering in the air, “Acura, Acura!”! Li Feng didn’t care very much, he also wanted to hear something about the recruitment requirements of the Yalang Military Academy, after all, the school must be more accurate, since you have to do your best, but when you see the teacher, you are shocked at her appearance, now is not before, the former military Academy is a concentration camp for ugly women, but now it’s different, and don’t underestimate women. Star warship captains and more than half of the crew are women,silk ficus tree, women’s caution and delicacy is very helpful for space travel, so a female soldier can not only be a beautiful woman, but also rank is likely to be much higher than men.

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