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Tesnorflow Installation

Installing TensorFlow on Windows

This guide explains how to install TensorFlow on Windows. Although these instructions might also work on other Windows variants, we have only tested (and we only support) these instructions on machines meeting the following requirements:

  • 64-bit, x86 desktops or laptops
  • Windows 7 or later

Installing with Anaconda

The Anaconda installation is community supported, not officially supported.

Take the following steps to install TensorFlow in an Anaconda environment:

  1. Follow the instructions on the Anaconda download site to download and install Anaconda.
  2. Create a conda environment named tensorflow by invoking the following command:
    C:> conda create -n tensorflow pip python=3.5
  3. Activate the conda environment by issuing the following command:
    C:> activate tensorflow
     (tensorflow)C:>  # Your prompt should change
  4. Issue the appropriate command to install TensorFlow inside your conda environment. To install the CPU-only version of TensorFlow, enter the following command:
    (tensorflow)C:> pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade tensorflow

    To install the GPU version of TensorFlow, enter the following command (on a single line):

    (tensorflow)C:> pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade tensorflow-gpu



July 15, 2018

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