AlterYX Training

AlterYX Training teaches you all that is required to use individual tools in Alteryx to construct an analytical solution. It is used to process data and perform analytics rigorously.


AlterYX Training Curriculum

Alteryx Designer
Preparing Data
Using the Select tool to rename fields, change the data type, and remove from data set
Connect to data sources
Set data field types
Remove and rename fields
Browse the initial results

Filtering Data
Filtering Using String Data
Filter records from your data
See how all records fit the filter
Sort records from highest to lowest
Blending Data

Data Blending for Dummies
Find customer with 10 or more transactions
Identify common data fields
Join data on common fields
Group and aggregate data
Analyzing Data

Tools in Alteryx Designer
Find number of customers with above average sales
Group data by criteria
Create fields from other data
Discover trends in your data

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