Course Outline
1. Course Introduction
2. ITIL Basic Concepts Review
The Service Lifecycle and Stages of the Lifecycle
The Service Portfolio
Processes and Functions
A Brief Discussion of the Various ITIL Processes
Roles and Responsibilities
3. Continual Service Improvement Overview
Purpose and Objectives of Continual Service Improvement
The Continual Service Improvement Approach
The Continual Service Improvement Register
An Example of a Continual Service Improvement Register
Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
Measurements and Metrics
Roles and Responsibilities Specific to Continual Service Improvement
Identifying and Overcoming Challenges and Risks
4. Gap Analysis Overview
The Gap Analysis Activity as Described in the ITIL Continual Service Improvement Book
Where a Gap Analysis Fits into the Continual Service Improvement Approach
A Practical Gap Analysis Methodology
5. A Phased Approach to Conducting a Gap Analysis
Phase 1-Planning
Phase 2-Discover and Review Background Information
Phase 3-Conduct Stakeholder Interviews
Phase 4-Draft Gap Analysis
Phase 5-Complete Final Deliverables
6. Phase 1-Planning
Setting the Scope of the Gap Analysis
Establishing the Statement of Work
Identifying Gap Analysis Stakeholders
Agreeing to Questionnaire Content
Agreeing to Gap Analysis Format
Creating a Gap Analysis Project Plan
Establishing a Formal Communication Plan
Defining Deliverables
Scheduling Assessment Activities
Gap Analysis Kickoff
7. Phase 2-Discover and Review Background Information
Identifying and Reviewing Intranet and Other Internal Information Stores
Identifying and Reviewing Existing Policies and Process Descriptions
Identifying and Reviewing Existing Services and Service Documentation
Identifying and Review Existing Process Diagrams and Flowcharts
Identifying and Review Existing Roles and Responsibilities
Identifying and Reviewing Key Process Outputs
Identifying and Reviewing Existing Communication Plans
Identifying and Reviewing Continuous Improvement Activities and Plans
Identifying and Reviewing Relevant Management and Customer Reports
8. Phase 3-Conducting Stakeholder Interviews
Interviewing Service Owners
Interviewing Service Managers
Interviewing Process Owners
Interviewing Process Managers
Interviewing Practice Owners
Interviewing Other Stakeholders
Documenting Interviews and Issuing Follow-up Requests
Incorporating Follow-up Information
9. Phase 4-Draft Gap Analysis
The Gap Analysis Output Document
Drafting an Intermediate Assessment for Review
Reviewing the Draft Assessment with Key Stakeholders
Creating an Initial Continual Service Improvement Register
Validating the Initial Continual Service Improvement Register
Validating the Gap Analysis Draft
10. Phase 5-Completing Final Deliverables
Drafting a Final Gap Analysis
Providing Short, Medium, and Long-Term Recommendations
Delivering an Initial Continual Service Improvement Register
Conducting a Formal Gap Analysis Review Meetings
Discussing Next Steps
Formally Closing the Project
11. Applying the Concepts Learned in this Course
Typical Scope Statements
Best Practices for Audits of Intent
Best Practices for Audits of Action
Best Practices for Conducting Gap Analysis Interviews
Best Practices for Delivering Gap Analysis Results
Best Practices for Building a Continual Service Improvement Register
Best Practices for Managing a Gap Analysis as a Project
Best Practices for Managing a Gap Analysis Project within an Overall Service Management Program
Typical Challenges and How to Overcome Them
12. Summary
Review of Concepts Learned
Questions and Answers
Exercise 1: A Practical Understanding of Basic Service Management Concepts
Exercise 2: Creating a Continual Service Improvement Register
Exercise 3: Understanding the Gap Analysis Activity
Exercise 4: Understanding the Phased Approach to Conducting a Gap Analysis
Exercise 5: Using the Gap Analysis Questionnaire
Exercise 6: Conducting an Audit of Intent
Exercise 7: Conducting Gap Analysis Interviews
Exercise 8: Managing the Gap Analysis Draft Document
Exercise 9: Delivering a Final Gap Analysis
Exercise 10: Conducting a Gap Analysis.

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