C# Training Concepts :

Introduction to Web Controls

✔Thinking about .NET
✔Using Visual Studio
✔Debugging and Handling Exceptions
✔Data Types and Variables

Introducing Variables and Data Types
✔Working with Variables and Data Types
✔Using the .NET Framework

Using .NET Framework Classes
✔Working with Strings
✔Working with Dates and Times
✔Branching and Flow Control

Branching in Code
✔Repeating Code Blocks
✔Unconditional Branching
✔Classes and Objects

Introducing Objects and Classes
✔Creating Your Own Classes
✔Working with Classes
✔Properties and Methods

Overview of Properties and Methods
✔Working with Properties
✔Working with Methods
✔Object-Oriented Techniques

✔Organizing Classes
✔Working with Arrays

Introducing Arrays
✔Manipulating Arrays
✔Creating Indexes
✔Delegates and Events

Motivating Delegates
✔Introducing Delegates
✔Working with Events

Introducing Generics
✔Generics and Arrays
✔Generic Interfaces
✔Generic Constraints
✔Generics and Lists
✔Handling Exceptions

Perspectives on Exception Handling?
✔Getting Started with Exception Handling
✔Catching Specific Exceptions
✔Raising Errors
✔Running Code Unconditionally
✔Creating Exception Classes
✔Collection Classes

Generics, Collections, and Interfaces
✔The Generic List
✔Working with Dictionaries, Stacks and Queues
✔Creating Your Own Generic Collection Classes
✔Introduction to Visual Studio What is .NET, Anyway?
✔.NET Framework Components
✔.NET Languages
✔Applications You Can Build
✔Create a Console Project in Visual Studio
✔Option Strict
✔Start Debugging
✔Add A Reference
✔Single Step from Visual Basic to C#
✔Imports/Using Statements
✔Inserting Code Snippets
✔How Do I Distribute This App?

Intro to .NET Framework Classes

✔Looking at System Services
✔What’s in the BCL ?
✔A Note About Namespaces
✔System Namespace
✔Intro to .NET Framework Classes

String Class

✔StringBuilder Class
✔FileVersionInfo Class
✔FileSystemWatcher Class
✔Common Dialog Demo
✔Network Event Demo
✔New Classes in Framework
✔My Namespace Simplifies
✔Static Classes
✔Dynamic Classes
✔Data Access with ADO.NET

What is ADO.NET ?
✔ADO.NET Architecture
✔DataTable Object
✔Filling a DataTable Manually
✔Setting Up Connections
✔Reading Data with DataReader
✔Working With Data
✔Connecting to a Data Source
✔Getting Data into a DataSet
✔Viewing Data while Debugging
✔Inserting Data
✔Insert Data Using Stored Procedure
✔Windows Services Using Visual C#

✔Steps for Building Windows Services
✔View Current Running Services
✔Debugging Your Service
✔Create a Windows Service
✔Uninstall the Windows Service
✔Windows Forms Using Visual C#

Why Windows Forms?
✔Visual Inheritance
✔Forms in Visual Studio
✔Some Windows Forms Controls
✔Create a Base Form
✔Create an Inherited Form
✔Creating an MDI Application
✔Display Forms Programmatically
✔Examine Event Handler code
✔Add Code to the Base Form
✔BackgroundWorker Component
✔New Controls in Visual Studio
✔Click Once Deployment
✔Web Services Using Visual C#
✔Introducing Web Services
✔Transporting Information
✔Consuming A Web Service
✔Making Web Service Requests
✔Set a Reference to the Web Service
✔Add Code to Call the Web Service
✔Call A More Complex Web Service
✔Create A New Web Service
✔Consume the Web Service
✔Deploy the Web Service.

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