TIBCO ActiveSpaces Enterprise Edition (EE) Training provides a distributed in-memory data grid that can increase processing speed thereby reducing reliance on costly transactional systems.

Tibco ActiveSpaces is a state-of-art data storage technology function as a system of records of operational data. It runs a map reduce style processing with data affinity that compute grid in parallel across nodes. It supports callback notifications for changes in the data grid. It uses a hashing algorithm to enable a single network hop for fetching data. A Concurrency control is optimistic and acquires indexed snapshot and continuous queries. Tibco ActiveSpaces training explains step-by-step instructions for installation and brief introduction to data-grid terminology.


Our training makes an emphasis on exploring the path of skills. The sessions encourage students in the establishment of the solid foundation on administrating spaces, database messaging, distribute p2p implementation, etc. by real-time working practitioners in the field.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleTibco ActiveSpaces Overview

TIBCO ActiveSpaces
Data Grid Introduction
How a Data Grid Works
Data Grid Terminology
Introduction to ActiveSpaces
ActiveSpaces Enables TIBCO Products
Installation Overview
Installing ActiveSpaces
Installing BW Plug-in for ActiveSpaces
BW Plug-in Capabilities
ActiveSpaces Components
Command Line Administration

curriculum_moduleAdministering Spaces

Creating a Metaspace
Connecting to a Metaspace
Connection Process
Remote Clients
ActiveSpaces Peer
Space Member Roles
Data Operations on Spaces as-agent
Administering ActiveSpaces
Starting ASMM
Viewing Metaspace and Space
Viewing Data in ASMM
ASPaint Sample Program

curriculum_moduleWorking with Data in Spaces

BW Plug-in Capabilities
Adding a Metaspace
Adding a Space
Adding Fields to a Space
Space Properties
Adding a Space Connection
Primary Data Operations
Tuple Definition
Retrieving Data – GET
Retrieving Data – TAKE
Building a BW Process
Designer Tester

curriculum_moduleBrowsing Data in Spaces

Space Browsers
Browser Types
Event Browsers versus Snapshot Browsers
Configuring Browsers
Limiting Number of Browsed Entries
Time Scope
Distribution Scope
Browsing Spaces Using ASMM
Defining and Using an Index
Space Browsers as Distributed Queues

curriculum_moduleListening for Changes in Spaces

Events in ActiveSpaces
ActiveSpaces Event Types
Event Listeners
Creating an Event Listener
Event Delivery
Limiting Returned Events
Time Scope
Time Scope Behaviour
Distribution Scope
Distribution Scope Example

curriculum_moduleManaging Data in Spaces

Types of Persistence
Defining Persistence
Configuring Persistence
Setting up Database Persistence
Recovering Persisted Data
Data Replication
Locking Data
Exporting Space Definitions
Importing Space Definitions

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