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IBM Sterling OMS Installation Overview

Documentation for installation of Sterling


 Launch Application Manager

Navigate to

start->All Programs->IBM Installation Manager

launch IBM installation Manager

  1. Navigate to File->Preferences

click on Preferences

The following figure displays the Preferences window

  1. Click on Add Repository

The following window appears. Browse the repository.config file.

             Click on Browse.

  Select the config file inside smcfs folder and click on Open

 Click OK

 The repository.config  file will be added as shown in following figure.


Click on Apply then OK

The installation manager window will appear

Click on Install in the installation manager window. It will install the software package.

Now the Install Packages window will appear.

  1. Check-in the IBM Sterling selling and Fulfilment Suite


The following message will appear as shown in the figure below :

 Click on  Continue.


  1. Click Next

 The licence agreement window  will appear.

  1. Select the first option “ I accept the terms in the licence agreements “


Now click on Next.

  The figure below display the installation directory.

       NB:- Please select a directory which has never been used before or create a new                          one.


Click on Next .

 The figure below display the Features, Details and Disk Space Information

It is advisable to have minimum of 10GB available free space  

Click on  Next.

 The figure below ask for JDK Directory

Click on Browse

 The following window will appear.

Browse to the folder  : C:\Java\jdk1.6.0.

Click on OK.

 The figure below shows the selected JDK Directory


Click on Next.

The new window will appear where Database Information needs to be filled.


  1. Database Information


            Enter the the information mention below.


Database type:                                DB2/Oracle.

            Database name:                              YANTRA92.

            Database Password:                     YANTRA92.

            Confirm Password:                       YANTRA92.

            Database catalog name:              XE

            Database host name:                    localhost if Database in local system or

                                                                        use IP of system where Database is installed.

            Database port Number:                1521.

            Database schema Name:             YANTRA92.

Note : The database username and password is the one which the user has provided                  while creating the instances.

Click on Add Jars… to add ojdbc6.jar file which is present in path mentioned below:


After filling the above mentioned information, we reach to the screen below :



  1. Validate Connection


Click on Validate Connection

            You get figure below.

It will show message The database connection was successful. If not then some error message will appear.

Now Click on OK then click on Next.

 Click on Next.


  1. The figure below appears which asks for Memory Arguments :


Enter the following data as shown in the figure below


JAVA_TASK_ARGS       :              “-XX:MaxPermSize=256m”

COMPILER_TASK_ARGS :          “-J-Xms256m -J-Xmx512m”

 Click on Next.



  1. The figure below shows the information of Target Location and

Now Click on Install.

  The figure below shows Installation is in progress.

The installation takes around 1 to 2 hours


  1. Once the installation get finished, following window will appear.


Click on Finish.


The Installation Manager window will appear.




  1. The file <InstallDir>/InstallSI.log required to monitor if anything goes wrong during installation.
  2. If JDK not correct or not have complete set then installation will exit without showing proper error message. Set correct JDK version (preferred > 1.7.X)

Next process is to install websphere and deployment.

July 17, 2018


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