webMethods Admin Training Syllabus
Overview of Application Integration
Need for Integration tool
Introduction of EAI, B2B, B2C
Application Governances
Webmethods Administrator in XML technology

Overview of XML
XML Schema
XML validation
SOAP structure
Web Services
REST services
Webmethods Administrator in webMethods Overview

Introduction To webMethods
webMethods product suite
webMethods Architecture
Runtime Components
Design Components
Webmethods Administrator in Instllation of webMethods

Trial version download
Pre-Installation requirements
Components Installation from Images
Verify Installation
Webmethods Administrator in Working with webMethods artifacts

Using Software AG Designer
Managing packages
Elements creation using Designer
Locking and Unlocking Elements
Webmethods Administrator in Administrating Integration Server

Start and Stop Integration Server
Multiple Integration server runtime
Managing groups and users on Integration Server
Configuring port and server
Configure Integration server with Broker
Configuring Integration server with UM
Configure HTTP URL alias
Configure server logs in IS
Configure endpoint alias for WS
Setup Secure Communication
Access Control for resources
Configuring guaranteed delivery
Manage JMS Trigger
Configure Ehcache in Integration Server
Manage services and packages
Content Handler
Setup service security
Performance tunning
Debugging and Trouble shooting in IS
Webmethods Administrator in Administrating Broker

Overview of webMethods Broker
Publish-Subscribe model
Architecture and Components
Start and Stop Broker
Broker Monitor
Managing Broker Server
Document type
Setup Client group and user
Broker Security for TLS
Authentication and Authorization
Debugging and trouble shooting
Webmethods Administrator in Administrating with Universal Messaging

Overview of Universal Messaging
Broker vs Universal Messaging
Connecting with Integration Server
Health check for UM
Deployment on UM
Security for transport
Authentication and Authorization
Administration by API
Performance tuning
Best practice
Webmethods Administrator in Administrating My webMethods Server

What is My webMethods Server
Start and Stop server
Changing My webMethods Server configuration
HTTPS for My webMethods Server
Manage My webMethods configuration
User and group setup centralized administration
Authentication and Authorization
Create and manage Topic and queues
Verify Topic and queues by posting messages
Managing pages in My webMethods Server

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