IBM WebSphere Commerce Server Training

IBM WebSphere Commerce Server Training is essential to learn all that is required to install, configure, upgrade, administer, monitor, maintain the security of WebSphere Commerce Server and the components running inside it.

IBM WebSphere Commerce Server Training Curriculum

1) WCS introduction.
a ) Introduction to IBM Webshpere Commerce Server.
b ) Different editions of WCS.

2) WCS Architecture.
a ) WCS common architecture.
b ) WCS functional architecture.
c ) WCS run time architecture.

3) Business models.
a ) B2C bsiness model.
b ) B2B business model.
c ) Extended sites
d ) Value chain and demand chain model.

4) Fulfilment centers and inventory models.
a ) What is fulfilment center and different types of inventory models.

5) Store publish.
a ) What is store and site. How to publish a store in IBM WCS.

6) WCS Subsystems.
a ) Different types of subsystems in WCS
b ) Member subsystem
c ) Catalog subsystem
d ) Order subsystem
e ) Marketing subsystem
f ) Payment subsystem
g ) Trading subsystem

7) Dataload and Catalog model structure.
a ) What is datalod and how to load items, products, prices and attributes to WCS DB and what is catalog data model

8) Controller commands and Task commands.
a ) What is controller command and task command.
b ) Difference between controller and task commands.
c ) How to create and modify commands.

9) Databeans and Access Beans.
a ) What is data bean and access bean.
b ) Difference between data bean and access beans.
c ) Different types of data beans.
d ) what are copy helper methods.
e ) what is entity bean.
f ) what is session bean.

10) WCS organization structure.
a )IBM WCS organization structure.

11) BOD framework, REST API and SOI.
a ) What is BOD and SOI.
b ) Difference between BOD and controller commands.
c ) Customizing BOD framework.
d ) What is REST API in WCS and how to use it.

12) Search engine optimization.
a ) What is search engine.
b ) Default search engine in WCS.
c ) cusomizing search engine.

13) WCS – Different versions.
a ) Different versions of WCS.
b ) Differences among various versions.

14) AJAX calls.
a ) How to use Axax calls in WCS.
b ) Use of Ajax calls in WCS.

15) Promotions, Stackable promotions and how to create new promotion types.
a ) Promotions framework in WCS.
b ) Types of promotions.
c ) Promotion data model.
d ) Creating and cusomizing promotions.

16) Introduction to Business tools and how to use.
a ) Management center
b ) Admin console
c ) Accelerator
d ) Organization admin console

17) Caching in WCS and Dyna cache.
a ) What is caching.
b ) Dyna caching.

18) ACP policies.
a ) what is ACPolicy.
b ) Use of policies.


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