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    He didn’t even look at the two bodyguards, and even more ignored the Chamberlain. He only looked this way, with a faint smile on his face: “Please let go of your clothes, brother. She’s mine, not yours..” You.. What did you say Zhao Ningyu’s body trembled and he staggered back with me in his arms. I was caught off guard by him to pull the past, the body a crooked, he firmly hugged to come over, make me dyspnea, for a moment more red face. Zhao Shenxiao’s calm voice was in his ear: “Brother, open your eyes and see that you are no longer the prince of the East Palace. Who are you holding in your arms? Why don’t you let go?” I want him to stop. The more he says, the more he will stimulate Zhao Ningyu. But I was too busy to take care of myself. I was busy pulling Zhao Ningyu’s hand and looking at his face. His face was as pale as a piece of paper at the moment. Looking at my eyes, it was particularly bleak and desolate: “You, you are..” “The big prince.” Helpless, I sighed. I am not really her, not the one he longs for. Soft-hearted for a while, let his dream continue for a while, but the dream is a dream after all, will eventually wake up, even if the way to wake up is cruel, the dream is short and cool. Zhao Ningyu listened to my voice, his arms fluttered, and suddenly let go of me. He looked at me,tube fitting manufacturer, as if he had woken up from shock. His face was full of disbelief, but his face was full of disappointment. “You’re not, you’re not.” I knew it, I should have. He murmured and suddenly turned and ran along the corridor to the middle of the lake. The night was dark. He stumbled at his feet. His tall body staggered slightly, but he held on. His footsteps did not stop. He had already run away. I watched with pity. I watched the big prince’s figure disappear in the dark night. I heard someone beside him say, “Let’s go back and collect clothes.” I turned to look. Zhao Shenxiao stood beside me. Now he took off his coat, shook it in the air, and put it on my shoulder. He said,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, “It’s cold at night. If you stand here for a long time, you will get sick.” “Why are you here?” I asked. When I heard you were in the palace, I came with you. Why, has the Queen Mother seen you? He asked, his eyes indifferent and his face calm. Suddenly I had an impulse to question him face to face, to question clearly, whether what the empress said to me was true, what did his deal with General Mingli represent, why did he do one thing to me face to face and another behind my back, what did you think I was in your heart? Chessman? The one you love most? Or No more old love? I’m so nervous. Thousands of words galloped like a steed, rushing and rushing to the throat, but suddenly stopped. I looked at the Chamberlain behind him, the guards of the East Palace, and the imperial guards patrolling the imperial city not far away. The ladies left slowly. The imperial city was cold and strange. I closed my mouth tightly. Zhao Shenxiao looked at me: “Then go back to the mansion first.” He did not ask any more, nor was he surprised. There was not a trace of strangeness and panic in his expression and behavior. It was clear that he was a weak young man, but I was more like a helpless child in front of him. He reached out and took my hand. His hand was very big, hydraulic fitting supplier ,38 tube fitting, hot and strong. He held my hand and then stopped letting go. He held it tightly and walked out, but I could only follow it firmly. Bloody colored glaze chapter 115 slip away The night I returned to the East Palace, I tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep at night. Staring at the dark night, suddenly in the bottom of my heart floated a scary idea. This scene seems to be beyond my control. Originally, I was unintentional to Zhao Shenxiao, no matter how he treated me, I felt that I should treat everything with a dispensable attitude, not at all in my heart, laughing and scolding, love how to do. Because I don’t care, it’s easy. At first, when I saw his empathy for Mingrui, I felt a little unhappy in my heart. I’m afraid it was what the world called jealousy, but then it was suppressed. His heartless words were just what I wanted. Well done, I wanted it. But no. I knew in my heart that he was not, and after listening to the words of the empress, I was even more sure that he was not. He was just trying to protect me. Do all, the so-called like the bright Rui and don’t recognize me, would rather take the risk of treachery is not willing to let me go, he has his plan, and is proceeding in an orderly manner, although he is young, mind is not young, but very sophisticated, so the general such as Ming Li, is also willing to bow down to him, to help him complete the seemingly impossible thing together, The empress loved him and knew his son better than his mother. She understood him and didn’t want him to do anything wrong. She didn’t want him to be unable to turn back. The empress decided that it was because of me that he would do so, so she invited me to the palace and spoke clearly. I am frightened and a little insecure, but on one hand I am sure, Zhao Shenxiao. It is no longer the weak and bright young man I knew before. He said in my ear that night, “I will never fail you,” and he would do it, with his deep mind, his determination to do things, and his hard nature. He can do it. In this game, I seem to have chosen the wrong target. I even think that if everything is exposed, I say that I have a sweetheart in the middle of the night, I want to leave, or I simply regard you as.. I can’t imagine the feelings of a common friend rather than a wife and husband. What will be the result? And how will he react late at night. If I used to be, hum, I don’t care about him, but now, I can imagine the future for him. For him. No matter what I planned to do at first, something seems to have changed along the way, and I can’t be free and easy. So now.. Now, it’s time for me to leave. I stared, and the thought flashed before my eyes like a white light in the night, and I stared. Why did you suddenly think of this? Leave? Leave Zhao Shenxiao? What does it stand for? The biggest and only reason that prompted me to follow him at the beginning was the agreement between Jun Huai Xiu and me,stainless steel tube fitting, but now, if I leave, will the agreement fall through. chinaroke.com