Course Outline
1. Introduction to Procurement Management
Contract schedule network diagram
Terminology – procurement and contracting
Contract definition – practical and legal
Purpose of contracts
Risk transfer through contracting
Definition of contracting success
Stakeholder mapping
Stakeholder expectations
Communications chain
2. Needs Analysis
Objectives to requirements documents
Requirements documents to SOW
Contract types
Contract management mistakes
Role of legal department
3. Plan Procurements
Planning documents
Requirement documents
Procurement management plan
Bid packages
Tender documents
Source selection criteria
4. Conduct Procurements
Stakeholder mapping
Vendor participation
Advertising and bidder conferences
Proposal evaluation techniques
Paper trail and due diligence
Principled negotiations vs. positional negotiations
Objectives of negotiations processes
5. Administer Procurements
Stakeholder mapping
Procurement team
Vendor relationship management
Monitoring performance
Contract change controls
Contract amendment
Performance reviews
Payment systems
Claims administration
6. Close Procurements
Stakeholder mapping
Early termination
Lessons learned
Procurement audits
Negotiated settlements
Contracting problems and their solutions
Ingredients for contracting success
Hands-On Exercises
Contracting schedule network diagram: Estimating procurement durations and total elapsed time
Strategic analysis of procurement strategy using SWOT technique
Evaluating bid proposals: Source selection and ranking of bids
Development of SOW documents: Source selection criteria and weighting system, performance and quality standards, and negotiating priorities
Integration of contract type, terms, and conditions into project schedule and risk management plans
Role playing: Negotiations between buyer and vendor over contract terms
Contract closure and collection of lessons learned.

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