Course Outline
1. Introduction to Negotiation
Negotiation Defined
Conflict Resolution
Stages of Negotiation
2. Personality and Negotiation
Natural Tendencies
The Six Principles of Persuasion
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Collaborative Negotiation
3. Negotiation Practices and Techniques
Negotiation Planner
Positions vs. Interests
Power Bases
The Art of Questions
Problem-Solving Question
Creative Options to Achieve Mutual Gain
Objective Criteria
4. Putting Negotiation into Action
Preparing for a Negotiation
During the Negotiation
After the Negotiation
Team Negotiations
5. Breakthrough Strategies
Identifying Obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles
Achieving a Collaborative Negotiation
6. Putting It All Together
Collaborative Negotiation: A Final Thought
Hands-On Activities:
The Four Types of Conflict Resolution
Stages of Negotiation
The Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Dilemma
Basic One-on-One Negotiation
Complete Thomas-Kilmann Personal Conflict Assessment
Finding Common Interests
Asking Key Questions
Developing an Agreement
Determining BATNA
Preparing a Negotiation Strategy
Active Listening and Reframing
My Negotiation.

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