Crystal Reports Training

Crystal Reports Training makes you an expert in designing, exploring, visualizing, and delivering reports with the world’s leading reporting tool. It is used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. It turns almost any data source into interactive, actionable information.

Crystal Reports Training Curriculum


Course Introduction
What Crystal is and What it is Not
What You Will Need
A Few Words on Versions
CRXI Installation Options
Course Overview

Create a Basic Report

Data Connections pt. 1 – ODBC
Data Connections pt. 2 – Direct
Getting to Know Your Data Source
Report Wizard pt. 1 – Tables & Fields
Report Wizard pt. 2 – Group & Filter
Designing A Basic Report

The CRXI Work Area
Layout & Presentation
Basic Formatting
Basic Grouping & Sorting
Summary Functions
Inserting Objects into Reports
Previewing & Exporting Reports
Create A Report Beyond The Basics
Report Wizard pt. 3 – Multiple Tables
Report Wizard pt. 4 – Multiple Filtering
Grouping Data pt. 1
Grouping Data pt. 2
Inserting Summaries
Fields – Dimensions vs. Metrics
Select Expert
Export Options
Design A Report Beyond The Basics 1
Report Options
Crystal Options pt. 1
Crystal Options pt. 2
Grids & Layout Options
Section Expert
Design A Report Beyond The Basics 2
Graphs & Charts pt. 1
Graphs & Charts pt. 2
Graphic Files
Drawing Lines
Field Options
Special Fields
Design Tips pt. 1
Report Exercise 1
Report Solution 1
Fields/Dimensions/Metrics 1

Database Fields
User Defined Fields
The Formula Editor
String Functions
Date Functions
Metric Functions
Conversion Functions
Formula Problem 1
Formula Solution 1 pt. 1
Formula Solution 1 pt. 2
Fields/Dimensions/Metrics 2
Modifying Fields – Two Methods
Working with Dates
Working with Strings
Working with Numbers
Conditional Formula Pitfalls
Conditional Formula Problem 1
Conditional Formula Solution 1 pt. 1
Conditional Formula Solution 1 pt. 2
Filtering Data
Select Expert Reintroduction
The Formula Editor for Select Expert
Filter Formulas pt. 1 – AND
Filter Formulas pt. 2 – OR
Filter Formulas pt. 3 – AND & OR
Filters – Database vs. User Fields
Select Statement Considerations
Filter Formula Problem 1
Filter Formula Solution 1
Report Templates
Template Expert
Templates Review
Template Limitations
Modifying Templates
Exporting Template Reports
Modifying A Report

The Cross Tab Report
Cross Tab pt. 1 – Layout
Cross Tab pt. 2 – Functions
Cross Tab pt. 3 – Options
Cross Tab Formatting
Cross Tab Limitations
Cross Tab Problem 1
Cross Tab Solution 1
Excel Export
Preparing Reports for Excel
Field Layout & Design
Cross Tabs & Excel
Exporting to Excel Options
Wrap Up
Crystal Resources
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