Course Objective

The course aims at understanding IBM API Management product suite1 (also called IBM APIC) from development and administration perspective. If you are interested in particulars, here are detailed objectives of this course.


  • IBM API Management product overview


  • Understanding IBM API Management ecosystem


  • Deployment options for API Management suite


  • Understanding API Management Developer Organizations


  • Understanding API Management lifecycle


  • Understanding IBM API gateway chained services and schemas in API Management


  • Understanding role of swagger in IBM API management suite


  • Understanding basic and advanced developer portals in API Management suite, explore relationship between API, Plans and Products.


  • Use SSL in configuring API Management Operational environment


  • Work with API Manager in order to administer API Management suite




An API management is all about assembling, publishing, deploying, and governing application programming interfaces in a secure, scalable environment. This course focuses on understanding IBM API management suite and focuses on both administration and development aspects of it. The course will walk you through several concepts that are helpful in practice and aligns with IBM API product management certifications. You can attempt the certification after doing this.


The Course


It consists of two parts


  • Theory


  • Practical


The instructor will walk you through the various scenarios mentioned in hands on exercises or practical sections after which you can execute them at your leisurei. We will start with basics but will quickly move to real world problems (such as dealing with REST, SOAP services etc.)


About Lab


The lab environment will be installed partially on learner’s laptop. However to work on real world scenarios a subscription of IBM® Bluemix is required. You can get 30 day trial of this cloud for free. Please see a list of exercises at the end of this document that will be part of lab.


Estimated Duration


Delivery timeline for overall course is 20 to 25 hours [in average situations]. All hands-on exercises will be demonstrated by instructor first and you will have your own time to preform your hands on.

  • The course is built around IBM APIC product suite version 5.0.x



This course is designed for potential API administrators and developers. You need to have some understanding about Java Scripting however.




You need to have basic understanding of following in order to get most out of this course.


  • Java scripting, web services and cloud


  • Basic understanding of REST and WSDL Files


  • Have some programming background in any language


Topics Covered


IBM API Management Overview


  • Describe IBM API Management topologies


  • Describe the IBM API Management environments


  • Explain the various API Management deployment options


  • Explain the analytics available in API Management


  • Describe API Management developer organizations


  • Explain the IBM API Management lifecycle & Approval workflow


  • Describe API extensions


  • Describe use case for IBM API Gateway Chained Service


  • Describe the use of schemas in IBM API Management


  • Describe how Swagger is used in IBM API Management


  • Identify the various roles involved in the lifecycle of an API


  • Describe the benefits of the Advanced Developer Portal vs the Basic Developer Portal


  • Describe RESTful operations


  • Describe the relationship between APIs and Plans


Configuring API Management Operational Environment [Administration Topic]


  • Using organizations in API Management


  • Describe how to use SSL profiles?


Working with API Manager


  • Describe how to add a user registry


  • Administer Internal Provider Access


  • Configuring overall API settings


  • Create and configure a SOAP API


  • Create and configure a REST API


  • Define the security scheme using LDAP


  • Implement a proxy


  • Create an API assembly


  • Define API properties


  • Define security requirements


  • Describe and manage http requests and responses


  • Handle custom http error messages


  • Utilize policies


  • Define plans (Define the rate limit, etc.)


  • Describe how to use the API Management lifecycle to manage revisions


  • Use the internal testing tool to test APIs


  • Use the troubleshooting tools available in API Management (logs & debug)


Lab Exercises


  • Installing API Management cloud on VMWare Platform (spanning multiple sessions)


  • Setting up environment on IBM® Bluemix


  • Exposing REST services as an API (End to End)


  • Exposing SOAP services as an API (End to End)


  • Using ‘switch operation’, ‘map’, ‘invoke’ policy elements.


  • Using LDAP to secure your API


  • Use case of API assembly


  • Exception Handling in the API
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