Informatica MDM Training

Informatica MDM Training makes you learn all the concepts required to create a frame of reference for data by capturing details that influence information systems that have a holistic view of the business.

Informatica MDM Training Curriculum

Introduction to Informatica MDM Concepts

This is an informatica MDM training introduction module, that lets you know, how Informatica MDM product delivers reliable and business critical data for application.

What is Master data
Data Examples
What is Informatica Master data Management
Business drivers for Informatica MDM
Benefits of MDM (Why MDM?)
Informatica MDM Architectural Styles

Introduction to MDM

A brief discussion over Informatica MDM core capabilities, the hub architecture, its components and the most common architecture styles.

Core Capabilities
Informatica MDM Hub Architecture
Hub components
Key Concepts
Key components of informatica MDM Hub

Building the Schema for Informatica MDM

Learn what is Operational Reference Store in MDM, its creation, what are Base objects in this module of MDM training.

Master Database and ORS in Informatica MDM
Base Objects
XREF and History tables in informatica MDM
Configuring Base Objects
Configuring columns and FK relationships in Informatica MDM
Informatica MDM Queries and Packages

Data Flow – Land, Stage and Load Process

This module will train you over Informatica MDM data flow processes, mappings, validation rules etc..

Land Process Stage
Process Mappings for Informatica MDM Rejects
Data cleansing
Load Process
Trust Framework and Validation Rule in Informatica MDM
Perform Consolidation Indicator lifecycle in Informatica MDM

Data Flow – Tokenisation, Match & Merge Process

By the end of this module, you will have a clear understanding of what is tokenisation, match and merge process in informatica MDM.

How to Match
Tokenisation Match Process
How to Configure match properties in Informatica MDM
Match paths
Match columns
Match column rules
What are Informatica MDM Match Rule sets & PK match rules
Match Distribution Consolidation Process in Informatica MDM
How to Publish Process in Informatica MDM

Executing Informatica MDM Batch processes

How to execute a batch process in Informatica MDM will be demonstrated in this module of training.

Batch Viewer
Batch Group
Job status & job statistics in informatica MDM
Environment reports and Database interface
Informatica MDM Log files
App server log
cleanse-match server log
Hub console log
db logs

Informatica MDM Hierarchy Management

While handling customer master data, it is important to reflect real world hierarchies. These hierarchies are resolved in customer data integration.

Informatica MDM Entity
BO and Entity types
Informatica MDM Relationship
BO and Real types Hierarchies
HM Profiles and HM Packages in Informatica MDM


This module walks you through the Configuration Manager which is used to build IDD Applications in Informatica MDM and introduces how to edit the configuration files necessary to customize the IDD user interface.

IDD Concepts in informatica MDM Create
Manage, Consume and Monitor what are Informatica MDM Relationships
Application Validation
Configuring IDD in informatica data director.

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