Netsuite Introduction ( Purpose, diff. instances/environment etc.)
Netsuite Basic functional flow ERP and CRM
a) Setting Preferances : General, email, company etc.
b)Customizing Dashboard
NetSuite Basic Saved Search operations and Reports generations(Customer details, list/count etc)
Script types, Creation, Deployments,Executions, Logs etc.
Workflow Creation, execution log etc.
Netsuite Customization (Creation and intro. of forms, fields,records etc) in details
Netsuite Records/forms,field types, list, flie cabinet in brief
Netsuite Role management
Netsuite Suiteflows advanced study(access fields, validations, calcs etc)
NetSuite Saved Searches complex(Joints, Highlights, formulae)
Netsuite Scripting intro/advantages/usage/deployemnt etc
a) User event with events
b) Client event with events
c) Suitelet
e) Schedule
f) portlet and all others

Netsuite API’s
a) Field API
b) Record API
c) Search API
d) Sublist API
e)All other api’s basics

Script limitations and Usage(API governance)

Suitecloud( Webservices using other languages like PHP)

a) Customization
a) Workflows with types and diff. use cases
b) All scripts using diff. API’s with examples and diff. scenarios
c)Saved searches with diff. records/scenarios
d)Webservices (Suitecloud)

  • 10 Days
  • 11 Units
  • 12 hours, 40 minutes Hrs

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