This Oracle Solaris 11 Security Administration training helps you develop the knowledge and skills to customize security on the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore new security features included in Oracle Solaris 11.1 and Oracle Solaris 11.2; learn how to use these features to reduce the risk of intrusion and secure both applications and data.

Learn To:

Describe important security principles and technologies.
Secure user rights, process rights, files and file system.
Implement cryptographic services, network security, zones security and labeled security.
Administer system security and services.
Monitor file integrity and security related system events.

Course Content


Course Goals
Course Agenda
Your Learning Center
Your lab environment
Planning for basic security

Evaluating Security Principles
Analyzing the need for a Security Policy
Configuring Systems Securely
Performing a Security Audit
Evaluating the need for upgrading systems
Identifying Oracle Solaris 11 Security Technologies

Describe Oracle Solaris 11 OS Security
Exploring Oracle Solaris 11 Security Features
Securing Users and Processes

Introducing user and process rights
Managing user rights
Managing process rights
Using the Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Services

Describing Cryptographic Services
Implementing the Cryptographic Framework
Implementing Key Management Framework (KMF)
Auditing in Oracle Solaris

Describing Oracle Solaris Auditing
Configuring Oracle Solaris Auditing
Administering the audit service
Managing the audit records
Securing Files and File System

Managing ZFS File System Security
Verifying File Integrity
Controlling Access to Files
Administering System Security

Protecting System integrity
Controlling System Access
Controlling Access to Devices
Implement PAM to Authenticate Users
Implementing Basic Network Security

Establishing network security
Implementing Secure Shell
Implementing TCP Wrappers
Implementing Kerberos Protocol
Implement IPsec and IKE
Secure remotely accesses file systems
Securing Network by Using Packet Filtering

Implementing IP Filter
Configuring the IP rule sets
Configuring the IP Filter Service
Managing Services

Describing SMF Configuration
Managing Services
Implementing Security in Oracle Solaris Zones

Describing Zones Security
Integrating Security Features into Zones
Managing Resources in Zones
Managing Network Security in Zones
Implementing Labeled Security Using Trusted Extensions

Describing labeled security
Managing Trusted Extensions

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