Oracle Tuxedo Training

Oracle Tuxedo Training is required to administer Oracle Tuxedo applications. Learn the features and configurable capabilities of the product and how they relate to real-world scenarios.

Oracle Tuxedo Training Curriculum
Introduction to Oracle Tuxedo

What is Oracle Tuxedo?

The History of Oracle Tuxedo
Installation and Deployment

Tuxedo Product Installation

Deploying a Test Application
Architecture Overview

Application Server Architecture (n-Tier)

What is Oracle Tuxedo?

Components of a Tuxedo Application

Message Paradigms
Tuxedo Application Configuration

Tuxedo Configuration File Basics

Tuxedo Application Deployment Basics

Additional *MACHINES Section Parameters

Additional *SERVERS Section Parameters

Using *SERVICES Section Parameters
Monitor and Maintain Tuxedo Applications

Application Monitoring Tools

The tmadmin Command Line Utility

Starting and Stopping Tuxedo Servers

The Tuxedo System Event Broker

Tuxedo Java Servers
Tuxedo Remote Clients: Configuration and Administration

The /WS Subsystem

Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT)

Tuxedo Security Configuration and Administration

Tuxedo Security Configurations

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Link-Level Encryption (LLE)

Additional Security Features

Extended Authentication and Authorization
Distributed Application Configuration and Administration

Basic MP Model Configuration

Additional Configuration and Administration
Advanced Server Group Configuration

Data-Dependent Routing (DDR)

Server Group Migration
Distributed Transaction Configuration and Administration

Transactions Overview

Configuring Tuxedo for Transaction Support

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Use Case
Tuxedo Queuing Configuration and Administration

/Q Subsystem Overview

Configuring Tuxedo for /Q Support

Configuring Tuxedo Message Queue

MQ Adapter
Domain Gateway Configuration and Administration

Basic Domain Gateway Configuration

Advanced Domain Gateway Enhancements

The WebLogic-Tuxedo Connector (WTC)
Accessing the Tuxedo Management Information Base (MIB)


Using the Tuxedo Admin API
Monitor, Tune, and Troubleshoot Performance

IPC Resource Requirements

Runtime and Configuration Performance Options
Using Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor (TSAM)

Installing TSAM

TSAM Architecture

Configuring and Using TSAM

TSAM Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager
Exalogic Optimizations for Tuxedo

Exalogic Overview

Tuxedo on Exalogic

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder


Shared Memory Queues

Configuring Tuxedo to use InfiniBand

BRIDGE Bypass Using RDMA

Shared APPDIR.

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