PTC Windchill Training enable companies to capture and leverage information about a product’s performance during operation – with the potential to dramatically improve existing and future products.

PTC Windchill is a product lifecycle management (PLM) software product. Windchill is production-proven content and process management software. Windchill software manages product content processes and offers a powerful, proven solution. This business software carries the features of being fast, secure and Web-based enabling companies to streamline product development processes and deliver superior physical goods and information products.

PTC Windchill Training Overview
We offer a training curriculum emphasized on fundamental concepts of Windchill like, its implementation, Understanding the Windchill PDMLink change process, Windchill Data Management, Create, Modify and manage new designs and share design information, Windchill Admin and Administer Windchill views.

PTC Windchill Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleWindchill Implementation

Understand the Windchill PDMLink environment and terminology
Locate and view product information
View information using Creo View Lite
Understand the principles of CAD data management
Initiate new designs and share design information
Modify and manage design information
Understand the principles of product structure management
Create and manage product structures
Create and manage documents
Understand the Windchill PDMLink change process
Initiate and implement product change
Use Windchill PDMLink tools to manage your work

curriculum_moduleWindchill Data Management

Locate design information
View design information
Create new designs and share design information
Modify and manage existing design information
Understand Windchill parts and their association to CAD documents
Understand file relationships and dependencies
Manage family tables
Use workspace frames

curriculum_moduleWindchill Admin

Create Global Attributes
Understand the processes involved in defining your business environment
Identify the use of a Windchill Organization
Create an organization
Create and manage user accounts and groups
Identify best practices for managing organizations, groups, and user accounts
Identify contexts and their relationships
Assign product and library creators
Create and manage product and library contexts
Distinguish Windchill object names and their corresponding object type class names
Add attributes to a Windchill Type
Create a Windchill Type
Identify and set object initialization rules
Implement custom versioning sequences
Create and define life cycle and workflow templates
Associate life cycle and workflow templates
Understand the Windchill domain policy architecture
Define access control policies
Identify individual access control permissions
Administer and troubleshoot access control lists
Define notification policies
Define indexing policies
Use Context Teams to apply access control
Use Context Teams and team templates to conduct workflow role resolution
Create and manage document templates within product, library, and organization contexts
Identify how to create CAD document templates
Create product and library context templates
Create, manage, and edit promotion preferences
Identify the promotion review and approval processes
Identify the pre-configured Windchill change management functions
Access business metrics from Change Monitor reports
Use ModelCHECK validation during Check In
Administer administrator-saved searches
Administer user profiles
Administer Windchill views
Administer calendar functions
Administer organization preferences
Identify the report manager functions
Identify visualization publishing controls
Identify purge manager functions
Audit system events

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