QlikSense Training Course introduces the concepts of Visualizations, Creating and Managing a Data Model and overview of Qlik Sense Security. All these concepts make you an expert in using Qlik Sense and grasp complete knowledge in executing its functionalities.

Qlik Sense Training Curriculum

Qlik Training


Introduction to BI Reporting

Difference between traditional BI reporting tools and Qlik reporting tool.

Unique features of Qlik

Qlik Architecture

Difference between QlikView and Qlik Sense

Data Modelling Concepts




Star Schema

Snowflake Schema

Constellation Schema

Synthetic Keys

Circular Loops

Composite Keys

Link Table

Renaming Fields

Commenting Fields

Qualifier Statement

UnQualifier Statement



Concatenate(Auto, Force, No)


Data Model Viewer

Selecting Tables & Fields

Previewing Data

Information Density

Subset Ratio

Key Fields

Where Exists()

Where Not Exists()


Data Load Editor

Types of Connections available

Creating Folder Connection


Difference between OLEDB & ODBC

Load Types

Normal Load

Incremental Load(Insert, Update, Delete Scenarios)

Binary Load(Rules)

Resident Load(Group By clause)

Preceeding Load

Inline Load

Buffer Load

Bundle Info Load(QlikView)

Partial Reload(QlikView)

Creating QVDs by using STORE statement

Optimized Loads and techniques

LIB path

DROP TABLE Statement

DROP FIELD(S) Statement

Creating script variables by using SET & LET

Difference between SET & LET

#Include Statement



ApplyMap() with Mapping




Match(), MixMatch(), WildMatch()

Pick(), Peek(), Previous() and Nested Previous()

NullValue Handling

NullValue, IsNull(), NullAsValue

Above(), Below(), RowNo(), RecNo()

Difference between RowNo() & RecNo()

String Functions

SubField(), Index(), KeepChar(), PurgeChar(), Left(), Right(), Concat(), Len(), Trim(), Replace(), Upper(), Lower(), Capitalize()

Table Functions

NoOfFields(), NoOfRows(), NoOfTables() [Script&Chart Function]

Aggregation Functions

Sum(), Avg(), Min(), Max(), Count()

Date Functions

Date, Date#, Year(), Quarter(), Ceil(), Floor(), Month(), MonthName(), Week(), WeekDay(), Day(), Num(), Num#(), Mkdate(), IterNo() with While clause, Interval(), Today(), Now(), MonthStart(), YearStart(), QuarterStart(), WeekStart(), AddMonths()


Creating a Master Calendar and its uses

Creating Bucket Ranges by using nested if() condition


Section Access

Defining security at data level by using Section Access

Preparing the source data for Section Access


App Overview

Creating Sheets & Sheet Properties

Creating Objects or Charts & Object Properties

Filter Pane, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Combo Chart, Pie Chart, Gauge Chart, KPI, Text & Image, Table, Pivot Table

Difference between Table & Pivot Table

Scatter Plot, Treemap, Map


Custom or Extension Objects

Variable, Default Selections Extension etc

Getting 3rd party Extension Objects into Qlik

Master Items

Creating Dimensions(Single, DrillDown)

Creating Measures


Creating Variables in front end in Variable window

Difference between back end(script) and front end variables

Selections Tool

Selections Bar

App Options

Changing Thumbnails at app & sheet level


How to create Bookmarks for saving selections

Set Analysis

What is Set Analysis ?

Identifiers, Operators and Modifiers

P() & E() element functions

Writing Set Analysis expressions

Rolling Expressions(Dynamically)

YTD, MTD, QTD, WTD expressions(Dynamically)

Using variables in Set Analysis expressions with $ sign expansion

Restricting specific and complete selections

Chart Functions

Class() for creating bucket ranges


Sum(), Avg(), Min(), Max(), Count()


GetFieldSelections(), GetSelectedCount(), GetCurrentSelections()



Qlik Management Console(QMC)

Qlik Sense Admin Activities like Publishing the app in various Streams, Changing the owner of the app, Automate Reloads by Creating Schedule Triggers, Task Event Triggers, Assigning Token Access to users and developers, Creating Streams, Assigning Stream Access to users and developers

Advanced Topics

Difference between Qlik Sense 3.0, 3.2, September 2017, November 2017 and June 2018 versions


Dev Hub 

Single Configurator

Extension Editor

Mashup Editor

QlikView Converter

Identifying Sheet Ids and Object Ids   

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