SAP IS Utilities Training

SAP IS Utilities Training teaches what all is required to perform Device Management, Billing, Customer Service and Invoicing. It supports all business processes and utility services of a utility company.



SAP IS Utilities Training Curriculum

Utilities Industry Overview

De-Regulatory Market
Introduction to SAP IS-U

Extended R/3 Integration Model & SAP ISU
SAP IS Utilities components
ISU/CCS Integration Model
Relation between R/3 and ISU Components
Typical ISU Scenario
Regional Structures

Purpose of regional structure
Postal Regional structure
Political Regional structure
Portions & Meter reading Units
Scheduling tasks
Dependencies of Regional structures
ISU Master Data

Introduction to Master data
Business Master data configuration
Business Partner
Contract account
System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3
Creation of Business master data
Technical Master data configuration
Connection Object
System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3
Creation of Technical master data
Move-In & Move-Out Configuration

Move-in Introduction
Move-in Business scenario
Move-in Processing
Changes to contract data during Move-in
Allocation of Contract to installation
Installation History
Move –out
System Configurations @ SAP IS-U
Disconnection & reconnection
Device Technology (Device Management)

Device Category & Device
Device management Overview
Integration with Logistics
Register & Register data
Modeling of devices
Device Inspection and certification
Installations & Order Processing

Installation Overview
The Installation service process
Installation services
Service processing
Periodic Device replacement
Replacement of a meter
Reversal of Removal
Usiness scenario: Replacement of sample device
Determining the Device location
Device Location & data
Overview of Technical Objects

Technical installation structure
Device History
Device life cycle
Meter Reading Overview

Meter Reading introduction
Types of Meter reading
Meter Reading Organization (Street route)
Creating Meter reading orders
Validating Meter reading results
Monitoring meter reading results
Reversing Meter reading orders
Integration of DM with Other Modules

Integration with MM module
Integration with PM module
Billing Master Data, Rate Structure, Creation and Execution

Billing Class
Rate type
Rate Category
Prices and price categories
Price types
Rates and Rate line items
Working with schemas
Rate Determination
Important Billing Functions

Billing Tasks
Billing periods
Special Billing functions
Process of Billing
Entry of selection
Billing & Simulation
Document Information
Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)
Billing Reversal Process
Manual billing.

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