SAS Business Intelligence   Training Concepts :

SAS supports business intelligence with the following:

✔a set of client applications
✔SAS server processes
✔a centralized metadata management facility

SAS BI  Training

SAS BI Tools & Applications

✔SAS Enterprise Guide
✔SAS Data Integration Studio (ETL),
✔SAS Management Console,
✔SAS Web Report Studio
✔SAS OLAP cube Studio
✔SAS Add –In for Microsoft Office
✔SAS Information Map Studio
✔SAS stored proess

SAS DI Content Developer

Chapter 1 SAS®9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform and SAS® Data Integration Studio 1-1

✔What Is Business Intelligence?
✔Navigating in SAS Data Integration Studio
✔Chapter ✔ Working under Change Management
✔What Is Change Management?
✔Repository Types
✔Using Change Management

Designing the Course Data Mart

✔Planning a Data Warehouse

Building a Data Mart

✔Review of the Case Study
✔Define the Source Data
✔Define the Target Tables
✔Load the Target Tables

Building an OLAP Cube

✔What Is OLAP
✔Building an OLAP Cube
✔Solutions to Exercises

Transformations for Slowly Changing Dimensions (Self-Study)

✔Defining Slowly Changing Dimensions
✔Using the SCD Type ✔ Loader Transformation
✔Using the Fact Table Lookup Transformation

Job Scheduling

✔Scheduling SAS Data Integration Studio Jobs

SAS® Data Integration Studio and Data Quality

✔SAS and Data Quality
✔Data Validation Transformation
✔Apply Lookup Standardization Transformation (Self-Study
✔Create Match Code Transformation (Self-Study)
✔Chapter ✔ Administering SAS® Data Integration Studio
✔Setup Tasks for SAS® Data Integration Studio


Chapter 2

✔Introduction to the SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform
✔SAS Business Intelligence Overview
✔Business Intelligence Information Consumers

Chapter 2

✔Introduction to OLAP Cubes
✔Introduction to  Analytical Processing
✔Overview of SAS OLAP Cube Studio
✔Registering Metadata

Chapter 3

✔Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Detail Tables
✔Creating a SAS OLAP Cube from a Detail Table
✔Generating Aggregations Using Cross-Dimensional Tuning
✔Setting Permissions Using SAS Management Console
✔Viewing a SAS OLAP Cube with SAS Enterprise Guide

Chapter 4

✔Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Star Schemas
✔Creating an OLAP Cube from a Star Schema
✔Viewing a SAS OLAP Cube with SAS Web OLAP Viewer for Java
✔Solutions to Exercises

Chapter 5

✔Monitoring and Tuning a SAS OLAP Cube
✔Building an Information Map from a SAS OLAP Cube
✔Creating a Report with SAS Web Report Studio
✔Appendix A Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Summary Tables
✔Creating a SAS OLAP Cube from a Summary Table
✔Viewing a SAS OLAP Cube with Microsoft Excel
✔Appendix B SAS® Business Intelligence Training
✔SAS BI Content Developer

Chapter 6

✔Overview of the SAS Business Intelligence Applications
✔SAS BI Java Applications
✔SAS BI Windows Applications
✔SAS BI Web Browser Applications

Chapter 7

✔Overview of the SAS Management Console
✔Introduction to the SAS Management Console
✔How the SAS Management Console Works
✔Introduction to the SAS Management Console Plug-Ins
✔Working with the User Interface

Chapter 8

✔Using SAS Data Integration Studio
✔SAS Data Integration Studio Overview
✔The SAS Data Integration Studio Interface
✔Adding Library Definitions
✔Using the Source Designer
✔Using the Target Designer
✔Using the Process Designer

Chapter 9

✔Using SAS OLAP Cube Studio
✔Overview of SAS OLAP Cube Studio
✔SAS OLAP Cube Studio Interface

Chapter 10

✔Using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
✔Overview of the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
✔Using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office

Chapter 11

✔Using SAS Enterprise Guide
✔Investigating the Features of SAS Enterprise Guide
✔For Your Information v
✔Exploring SAS Enterprise Guide

Chapter 12

✔Using SAS Information Map Studio
✔Overview of the SAS Information Map Studio
✔Using SAS Information Map Studio

Chapter 13

✔Using SAS Web Report Studio
✔Overview of SAS Web Report Studio
✔Using SAS Web Report Studio

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