SEIBEL CRM Training course is built to make you an expert in using Siebel CRM and learn all that is required for Deployment, Development, Diagnostic, Productivity, Integration, and Mobile services.

Oracle Siebel CRM Technology presents the server framework to assist Siebel Applications. Siebel CRM delivers comprehensive on premise and on demand CRM solutions. It delivers solutions for Deployment, Development, Diagnostic, Productivity, Integration, and Mobile services. Siebel CRM Training is primarily targeted to large enterprise customers who are looking for a Customer model in niche industry-vertical functions.


Our training helps enterprises individualize their businesses to achieve maximum top-and bottom-line growth. The sessions are collaborative and clarify the doubts to gain knowledge as per the requirements of the trainee by real-time working practitioners with hands-on.

SIEBEL CRM Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleUsing Siebel CRM

Introducing Siebel Applications
Using the Siebel Web Client
Working with Siebel Data
Access Control and Organization Setup
Responsibilities and Views
Users, Positions and Organizations
Controlling Access to Customer Data
Catalogs and Master Data
Physical Architecture and Management
The Siebel Web Architecture
Server Components and Parameters
Server Management
Siebel Client Types

curriculum_moduleInstallation and Security

Securing Access to the Application
Installing Siebel Applications
Siebel Application Architecture
Using Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
The Siebel Data Model
Siebel Business Components
Siebel Party Business Components
Siebel Business Objects
Configuration Strategy
The Configuration Process

curriculum_moduleApplication Configuration

Managing Object Definitions
Editing and Compiling Object Definitions
UI Layer Configuration: Web Templates
UI Layer Configuration: Applets
UI Layer Configuration: Applications
Screens and Views
UI Layer Configuration: Drilldowns
Business Layer Configuration: Joins
Business Layer Configuration: Existing Business Components and Fields
Business Layer Configuration: New Business Components and Fields
Business Layer Configuration: Picklists
Configuring Multi-Value Groups
Data Layer Configuration

curriculum_moduleSiebel Workflow

Siebel Business Services
Building Siebel Workflow Processes
Testing and Deploying Workflow Processes
Executing Workflow Processes
Using Workflow Policies
Configuring Business Logic
Siebel Task UI
Task UI: Creating a Task
Transient Business Components and Branching
Siebel Business Rules
Creating Business Rules
Introducing Siebel Assignment Manager
Creating Assignment Rules
Tailoring Assignment Manager Behavior
Invoking Siebel Assignment Manager
State Models

curriculum_moduleData Loads

Introducing Enterprise Integration Manager
Creating Data Maps
Running Enterprise Integration Manager
Application Deployment
Introducing Application Deployment Manager
Deploying Application Customizations

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