Appian Training

Appian Training course is well-structured to help attendees develop an application that changes how work gets done and leverage their BPM investment. Appian’s mobile and social capabilities have changed how work is done with partners and way of service to the clients. Learnchase Appian training assists the learners with reducing risk and gaining efficiency throughout.


Appian Training Curriculum

Course Overview

Introduction to Appian
Hands-on end-user exercise
Appian community site (Forum)
Overview of designer interface (including rules, groups, and applications)
Plan a process model
Create a high-level process diagram
Create group hierarchy and add members
Create constants and expression rules
Create and add objects to an application
Configure process model properties
Add process variables
Edit a start form
Debug a process
Apply process model security
Configure a user input task node
Describe how data flows from node to node
Monitor an inflight process
Review process instance security
Discuss and configure gateways
Configure a subprocess node
Post to news feed
Configure a related action (quick task)
Configure additional task settings (exceptions, escalations, deadline)
Appian Data Terminology
Introduction to Complex Data Types (CDT)
Java Persistence API (JPA) Annotations
Create a Data Store
Configure Write to Data Store Entity
Create and use a variety of Query Rules
Use a Paging Grid on a Form to display query results
Create a process-backed record type
Configure a record list view
Build a process-backed record summary view
Use the Reports Builder to create reports
Export and import an application.

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  • 180 Days
  • Course Certificate
  • 12 Units
  • 10 hours, 50 minutes Hrs

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