Hadoop Training

Hadoop Training is an online course designed to make you an expert in using BIG DATA HADOOP and learn all that is required to build Hadoop Ecosystem. Training enables you to excel the open-source software framework.


Hadoop Training Curriculum

Need For Big Data Hadoop

In first session, we will introduce you to Hadoop, enlightening you on why hadoop, the existing traditional systems and hadoop Vs traditional systems.

Introduction to Big Data hadoop
Problem with existing traditional system
Requirements for new approach
Comparing SQL databases and NOSQL(Hadoop).

Hadoop Training Basic Concepts

By the end of this session, you will get an overview about Hadoop and how to configure Hadoop.

An Overview of Hadoop
Configuring a Hadoop in Ubuntu OS
First example in Hadoop.

The MapReduce module in hadoop training, let’s you understand the programming paradigm that allows for massive scalability across thousands of servers in Hadoop cluster.

What is MapReduce in Hadoop
Data flow in MapReduce
Map operations and Reduce operations in Hadoop
Real-world “MapReduce” problems
Execution strategies for MapReduce in Hadoop.
The Hadoop Distributed File System

Learn architecture and components of HDFS in this module of training.

Name nodes
Data nodes
The Hadoop Command-Line Interface
Reading and writing data using Java
Hadoop Archives.
Delving Deeper Into The Hadoop API

By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear understanding of Hadoop API using combiners and accessing HDFS.

Using Combiners in Hadoop
Reducing Intermediate Data with Combiners
Writing Partitioners for Better Load Balancing in Hadoop
Directly Accessing HDFS
Hands-On Exercise.
Common MapReduce Algorithms In Big Data Hadoop

Common MapReduce algorithms in Hadoop will be introduced to you in this module.

Big Data Hadoop Optimizations
Big Data Hadoop Best Practices
Introduction To HBase

This module will give you a good understanding of Hadoop H-Base and its architecture.

What is HBase?
HBase Architecture in Hadoop
Hadoop HBase API
Managing large data sets with HBase
Using HBase in Hadoop applications.
Introduction To Hadoop Zookeeper

The Hadoop online training concludes with a summary of what we have learnt so far followed with a few sample applications.

Sample Applications
References of training.

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