IBM DataPower Training

IBM Datapower Training is developed to configure XML firewall to protect against a new class XML as well as to create a web service proxy to virtualize web service application. It helps you to quickly secure, integrate, control and optimize access to a range of workloads through a single, extensible gateway platform.

IBM DataPower Training Curriculum

Introduction to IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances

DataPower services

Exercise setup

Exercise : Creating a simple XML firewall
Datapower Variables




Introduction To XSL & XML

Exercise : Creating an XSLT Stylesheet
XML Firewall Service

Exercise : Content-based routing using XML firewalls
Multi Protocol Gateway Service

Web Service Proxy Service Service Level Monitoring

Exercise : Configuring a Web Service Proxy service
Web Application Firewall Service

Exercise : Creating a Web Application firewall service
DataPower Cryptographic Tools

Exercise : Creating Cryptographic objects
SSL Connectivity

SSL Proxy Profile

Forward Profile

Reverse Profile

Two-Way SSL

Crypto Identification Credentials

Crypto Validation Credentials

Exercise : Configuring SSL on DataPower services
Front Side Handler (FSH)

Http FSH

Https FSH

Different Backend Connection With Datapower

Static Backend

Dynamic Backend
XML Threat Protection

Exercise : Protecting against XML threats
XML And Web Services Security Overview

Exercise : Web service encryption and digital signatures
Authentication, Authorization, And Auditing

Exercise : Web service authentication and authorization
Configuring LDAP Using AAA

Processing Rules

Request Rule

Response Rule

Error Rule
DataPower SOA Appliance Administration

Exercise : Debugging errors using the troubleshooting tools and managing errors using error handlers
Troubleshooting Mechanisms

Usage of Probe

System Logs

Log Levels
Logging Mechanism

Log Category

Log Target
Error Handling


WSP Configuration

MPGW Configuration
Monitoring Objects

Exercise : Creating, configuring, and managing Objects using DataPower.

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  • 365 Days
  • 30 Units
  • 23 hours, 57 minutes Hrs

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