TIBCO AMX Lifecycle Governance Training enriches the capabilities of decision making by a complete analysis of the SOA governance using flexible reporting capabilities.

Tibco AMX Lifecycle Governance framework is a comprehensive software platform that includes SOA registry and repository. It supports replicable UDDI v3 replicable registry for standerds-based integration and discovery of services. Publish, discover business services and analyze the impact of proposed work using the flexible, powerful service catalog. Tibco AMX lifecycle Governance training makes an emphasis on how intensively automate the processes of validating architectural consistency and control service lifecycle.


Our training is designed to enrich the capabilities of decision making by making a complete analysis of the SOA governance using flexible reporting capabilities. Installation and configuration are explained using step-by-step process and also business studio by 17+years experienced IT professionals with hands-on.

TIBCO AMX Lifecycle Governance Training Curriculum
curriculum_moduleIntroducing TIBCO ActiveMatrix Lifecycle Governance

TIBCO ActiveMatrix (AMX)
TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Lifecycle Governance
Lifecycle Governance Users
ActiveMatrix Lifecycle Governance Components
Installation: AMLG, Installation: Registry
ActiveMatrix Connectivity with AMLG

curriculum_moduleUser Interfaces

ActiveMatrix Lifecycle Governance Overview
Service Catalog Details
SOA Definition Model
SDM Elements Example
AMLG Web Interface
Business Partner User Interface
Business Analyst User Interface
Administrator Interface
Associating Groups with Roles

curriculum_moduleBuilding and Managing Lifecycles

Lifecycle Management Basics
Business Service vs. Implementation Lifecycle
Defining a Lifecycle Process
Creating a Lifecycle Process
Lifecycle Stages, Tasks and Defining Policies for Compliance
Assigning Approvers
Approval Process
Adding Notification
Publishing a Lifecycle Process
Deprecating/Retiring Stage

curriculum_moduleBusiness Studio Integration

Business Studio Features
Development using Business Studio
Service Development with ActiveMatrix
Business Studio Composite Editor
Connecting Composite Elements
AMXLG Plug-in Installation
Configure Connection to LG
Integrate Business Studio
Import WSDL from AMLG
Export Updated WSDL to AMLG
Verify the Export

curriculum_moduleUsing UDDI Registry

TIBCO Registry
UDDI Basics
UDDI Benefits
TIBCO Registry Features
Comparing Repository and Registry
Registry Wizards
Key Server URLs
Registry Interfaces
Comparing the Interfaces
BSC Entities
Administration Console
Report Tab
Using Registry with Service Catalog
Using Multiple Catalogs

curriculum_moduleActiveMatrix Administrator Integration

UDDI Data Model
UDDI Information Model
Registry: Key Server URLs
ActiveMatrix Administrator
Environments Explained
UDDI with ActiveMatrix Administrator
Adding a UDDI Server
Publishing a Service
Publishing Requirements
UDDI Support in ActiveMatrix
Publishing from AMLG
Export Service to Registry

curriculum_moduleNavigator Capabilities

Accessing the Navigator
Navigator Overview
Graphs in Navigator
Navigator Toolbar
Navigator Perspectives
Customizing Perspectives
Navigator Layouts
Search Functionality in Navigator

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