Analog Simulation with PSpice® training starts with the basics of entering a design for simulation and builds a solid foundation in the overall use of the tool. This class is ideal for both new PSpice® A/D users and experienced engineers who need to maximize the performance of their circuits. Students should be familiar with the schematic design process to take this class.

Pspice Simulation

1. Things about Pspice you need to know.
2. Preparing a Design for Simulation.
3. Creating And Editing Models.
4. Creating Parts for models.
5. Analog Behaviour Modeling.
6. Digital device Modeling.
7. Setting up Analysis and Starting Simulation.
8. Bias point Analysis.
9. DC Analysis.
10.AC sweep Analysis.
11.Transient Analysis.
12.Parametric and Temperature Analysis.
13.Performance Analysis
14.Monte Carlo and Sensitivity/Worst Case Analysis
15.Digital Simulation.
16.Mixed Analog/Digital Simulation.
17.Digital Worst Case timing analysis.
18.Analyzing waveforms.
19.Other output Options.
20.Setting intial State
21.Convergence and Time Step too Small errors.

  • 10 Days
  • 0 Units
  • 0 Hrs

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